globe with laptops around itSophisticated real estate companies in metropolitan areas do a lot of international business, or at least aim to do international business. To facilitate international business they belong to networks like Christies, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Real Estate, or international franchise organizations. International is also a significant strategic development initiative for brokerage firms with strong relocation departments.

The trigger to securing inbound referrals from abroad is relationship building. If you are not reaching out to international corporations with locations in your area, or taking trips to develop referral relationships with feeder markets, you are not likely to have much success. Some firms even open offices in foreign cities.

The goal is to get in front of international buyers and sellers and deliver a compelling presentation that assures the perspective client that you have experience handling international transactions.

Here is a checklist of a few convincing details that may support your goal of handling international transactions.

  1. Line up translations services. Find firms that can take your communications and translate them into foreign languages. All of your materials communicating to international customers will be in English – that is the international language. However, providing a copy of the materials in their native tongue demonstrates your experience and dedication. Do not rely on Google Translate
  2. International Property Search – works with service providers like Immobel or Proxio to deliver an property search in their native language.
  3. Skype – Skype dominates international communications. Have a skype account and include your Skype id on your business cards and marketing materials.
  4. Format your phone number for international dialing – this is a simple thing, but it speaks volumes to project your attention to international customers add the +011 before the area code and local dialing number

Have other ideas for demonstrating your focus on international business – leave a comment below.