danger-report-logoNAR has launched a new program called the D.A.N.G.E.R. report. The goal of the interactive program is to help every brokerage, MLS and Association think through some fundamental threats and changes that may be coming to our industry.  The program is well put together and brings up some significant issues that may change the game of real estate forever.

WAV Group has a suggested path for Brokers, Associations and MLSs to follow to get the most out of this important NAR program.

  1. Have your leaders read the entire Danger Survey for all segments of real estate – First and foremost, make the D.A.N.G.E.R. report required reading for all of the leaders of your organization.  Have them read each and every part of the report
  2. Invite every board and staff member to complete the Danger Survey – Second, have every one of your leaders complete the portion of the survey relevant to your business. For Associations and MLSs I would also recommend that you complete the survey for Agents and Brokers as well. It’s really easy to complete the survey and then you will get your own version of the survey results in an easy to read report.
  3. Discuss each participants prioritization and reasoning – Once each of the leaders have completed their surveys, have them bring it to a meeting where each participant can share their findings and the logic they used for their conclusions. Use each of these individual results as the basis of a discussion to outline what the group collectively believes are the biggest risks to your organization.
  4. Outline key issues for your organization to deal with its vulnerabilities and what ifs even though its scary and counter to how we like to think – Once your group has prioritized a list of the most imminent and dangerous threats to your business, brainstorm ways to think about how to prepare your organization for what may be coming.  Think about ways you can proactively address issues so that your organization will be able to thrive while others might not survive.
  5. 5. Develop a Plan of Attack and Stick to It – While many organizations might talk about the threats facing them, few actually DO anything about it.  The smartest organizations will build a plan of attack and execute against it, spending time, money and resources to proactively address issues.

WAV Group has facilitated discussions using the process outlined and will be happy to work with your organization to develop a plan of attack for your organization as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at Marilyn@wavgroup.com