For those who are in the know in the MLS space, you are aware that Sandicor has always been one of the MLSs to watch. Led by Ray Ewing, President and CEO, they are early adopters of exciting new technologies often setting the pace for other MLSs around the country.  Sandicor follows their own path choosing the tools they believe are going to be the best for their members.

Today’s announcement that Sandicor has selected CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite is no exception. When I saw the overhauled interface for the CRS Data system about a year ago, I was blown away.  Unlike most of the tools available today that have user interfaces that are a bit “long in the tooth”.  The CRS product is clean, simple and very user friendly.  When I tested the product I felt as though I could easily access all of the core functionality. The product almost has a calming effect because of the simplicity of the design and the colors chosen.  I love to see core MLS products like CRS data upping their game and bringing these important systems into the 21st century without scaring agents who are change averse and somewhat afraid of technology.

Here’s what Sandicor the San Diego County Regional Multiple Listing Service (owned by the three Associations of REALTORS® in San Diego County serving over 19,000 members) had to say about their decision:

“We spent more than a year researching property tax data systems to find the right combination of timely and accurate data, cross platform usability and intuitive navigation,” said Ray Ewing, President and CEO of Sandicor, Inc. “Our members need the ability to access property tax data via their mobile device or desktop, and be able to create and utilize streamlined property reports with interactive features, such as parcel and topography map layers.”

 CRS Data’s three-year agreement provides 19,000 Sandicor members with quick online access to a wide variety of property tax data and information. From customizable maps, neighborhood and comparables information to in-depth search capabilities and thoughtful prospecting features, CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite delivers simple navigation and innovative usability.

“Our ultimate decision to partner with CRS Data was based on their approach to tax record services and the ease with which our members will be able to fully utilize the CRS system whenever and on whatever device they use to access our MLS system,” said Ewing. He added, “their data and customer experience teams have created a dynamic program that we believe will bring true value to our membership.”

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, CRS Data has expanded within the last two years to provide MLSs across the U.S. with access to comprehensive property tax data resources. Additionally servicing bankers, appraisers, investors, and other specialty financial customers, CRS Data is focused on providing accurate and timely property data, quality products and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

“Our CRS Data team is pleased to be joining Sandicor to provide our MLS Tax Suite tools to their ever-growing membership,” said Rob Williamson, director of sales for CRS Data. “We’re looking forward to integrating our system to deliver the property tax records and information their membership needs to succeed in today’s evolving marketplace.”

About CRS Data: For more than twenty years, CRS Data (Courthouse Retrieval System, Inc.) has worked to put powerful, accurate data at the fingertips of its customers. Simply put, the company is dedicated to doing data better. CRS Data’s innovative suites, robust data, reliable technology and outstanding customer service are why real estate professionals, MLSs, and bankers across the nation turn to the company for their property intelligence. Visit to learn more.