When you are a technology provider and can say you’ve had a client for more than a decade, you’ve really have achieved something remarkable. FBS has been providing its Flexmls software to ARMLS, the largest MLS in Arizona, and its more than 38,000 subscribers for the last decade.

Michael WurzerWhen you also announce you’ve just signed a new multi-year contract extension with that same client, you’ve achieved something exceptional. That’s the news from Fargo, North Dakota today and Michael Wurzer, CEO of FBS, Creators of Flexmls.

According to their news release, what has made the relationship long-lasting is leadership that are of the same minds: both have forward-thing leaders who also are customer-service centric.

The focus FBS has on customer service is nearly legendary, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) consistently north of 80. That puts FBS in a league of its own, as that’s an NPS companies with stellar customer service reputations haven’t achieved.

ARMLS CEO Matthew Consalvo says he looks forward to the “evolution of our partnership.” Well if the past is an indicator of the future, it is very likely to be a very happy and beneficial one.

Here’s the full news release:

FBS and ARMLS® move forward together with long-term contract for Flexmls® and Spark® software platform.

Fargo, North Dakota – December 11, 2017 – FBS, creators of the industry-leading Flexmls® System and Spark platform, announce a contract extension for their Flexmls software with ARMLS, serving the greater Phoenix-metro area with more than 38,000 subscribers. This multi-year contract extension comes after a decade of service to ARMLS subscribers.

CEO Michael Wurzer FBS is equally proud of strides made in the past as he is anticipatory about great things to come. Wurzer says, “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in partnership with ARMLS over the last decade. We’re excited to sign this long-term extension so that we can continue that partnership, leading the way together on new technologies and innovations.”

ARMLS CEO Matthew Consalvo said, “we are grateful to continue our long-term relationship with FBS. The folks out in Fargo are among the best in the industry. We look forward to the evolution of our partnership.”

While the two operations teams have worked closely and extensively together during the last ten years, the partnership and growth mindset starts from the top. Wurzer explains, “Working with the leadership at ARMLS is a true blessing for us at FBS because they are forward-thinking and customer-focused at the same time. That’s the same sweet spot we’re aiming for at FBS. The only way to hit the sweet spot is through a deep partnership like we have forged and continue to enhance with ARMLS.”

This long-term extension with ARMLS is a year-end highlight during a successful year of existing client contract renewals, new client and new subscriber growth..

About FBS, Creators of Flexmls

FBS is the leading innovator of MLS technology and one of the industry’s three largest MLS technology providers with the Flexmls® System. Built on the Spark standards-driven API platform, the MLS industry’s first and most innovative Web API, the Flexmls System serves more than 225,000 professional real estate subscribers. The Spark API fuels real estate professionals’ businesses collaboration tools with a mobile-first approach that delivers timely and accurate real estate information. Uniquely, as an employee-owned (ESOP) company, FBS staff has earned one of the highest customer service performance measurements in any industry (NPS Score 84). Based in Fargo, North Dakota, discover more about FBS at www.flexmls.com.