The Best and Brightest are part of RESO!

The smartest technology companies and most progressive MLSs are leading our industry to a new era of efficiency and profitability.  They are making it easy for start-ups to expand quickly from market to market and serve the innovation needs of brokers.  These leaders are supporting well-established companies to evolve their data platforms and opening the door for standardization in EVERY market in the country.

Brokers are ANXIOUS to leverage Data Standards!

Gone are the days when standardized data was just a pipe dream. Connected, progressive brokers have discovered the power of RESO standards and are asking their MLSs to supply them standardized information via API they can use to fuel their applications.

2018 RES0 Spring Summit is going to THE most valuable EVER!

The 2018 RESO Spring Technology Summit is going to one of the BEST EVER!  There will be celebrations of data standardization success stories with large companies like as well as start-ups that are delivering exciting, break-through ideas to keep the real estate industry vital!   They will demonstrate how we don’t NEED disruptors to create innovation – Industry Vitality CAN come from within!

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Here are the benefits of attending the RESO Spring Summit:

You will learn the following and a whole lot more!

  • Practical, real world case studies about how RESO is helping brokers WIN!
  • How to save thousands of hours in data aggregation and normalization
  • The Easy Path to make IDX feeds RESO Compliant
  • How simple it is to evolve to RESO data Standards
  • Watch the winners of the 2018 RESO Innovation Competition present their breakthrough ideas!
  • Network with the best and brightest technology minds in real estate!
  • Hear how the latest trends in technology are coming to real estate – Block Chain, Virtual Reality, AI and a whole bunch more!

The RESO Spring Summit is one of THE most impactful conferences and yet is also one of the most affordable!

Join us April 24th to 26th at the beautiful Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado. You’ll be glad you did!

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