We are excited to have David Gumpper on the team here at WAV Group. Since joining our firm, he has been actively supporting our brokerage, MLS, and technology clients with a wide variety of systems audits and systems integrations.

System Audits

System Audits come in a few forms at WAV Group, the first audit is a Security Audit. As you are aware, many firms collect personally identifiable information that must be kept safe and sound from hackers. These projects start with an overview of a firms’ security policy. Strangely, we did not have much of an appreciation for the number of firms that do not have a security policy in place. If you do not have one in place, we can help you construct one. The next step is to evaluate your systems for compliance with your security policy. Understanding the holes in your security policy is the first step to mitigation of risk. Many of the security vulnerabilities can be easily patched, some require more work and thought. If you have not had a security assessment in a while, it’s a good idea to have a checkup.

The second flavor of System Audits come in the form of full stack review. WAV Group makes a notation of all of your systems that power your business. In some cases, we perform our satisfaction analysis to determine which systems are undervalued by the internal and external customers that these systems serve. In many cases, we learn that agents do not use many of the systems that are deployed. This could be because of poor product, poor communications, or poor training. The first step to having a technology environment that allows your business to thrive is a clear understanding of adoption and satisfaction.

Systems Integration

In parallel with our Systems Audits, Gumpper brings a wealth of experience with systems integrations. Systems Integrations are born from a deep understanding of workflow across your business(s). WAV Group has a deep understanding about the use cases of various manual activities that have staff performing the same actions again and again and again. Once understood, these routines and repeat actions can be programmed to run dynamically. For example, onboarding a new staff member typically requires a checklist of activities that are performed by a variety of applications – setting up the record in accounting software; setting up the account in Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-Suite; creating accounts in other software applications used by the firm; setting permissions that follow a firms’ business rules. Again, using the example of an agent, we can easily identify dozens of applications that are tied to the onboarding process. Today, using the tools already in place, WAV Group can create systems integrations that automate much of this process.

WAV Group is happy to schedule a confidential discussion to review how these new services can influence significant productivity at your company. Any company with 500 or more people can see significant cost savings and reduction of risk very quickly. Contact David Gumpper – David At WAV Group Dot Com to schedule a discussion.