In this day and age, it is ridiculous to be on a property site and see active listings with no images included.   If we want to give sellers the marketing exposure their property deserves and buyers the shopping experience they require, then it’s time to get us past this problem once and for all!

I received a property alert today for properties that matched my search criteria for homes $800,000 properties.  3 of the 6 properties sent to me had NO photos!

How could I possibly evaluate a property without any photos?   How can an agent think they are doing the right thing for their seller without the most important way for a potential buyer to get interested in a home?

Properties only get 1 shot at engaging a customer.  Why would we not help agents put their best foot forward and include a series of attractive and engaging images to help get the seller the BEST price they can for the property?

Today, there are still MANY MLSs that only require images to be submitted for as long as 7 days after the listing going live!   Many allow at least 72 hours after a property goes live.

What rules do these lax requirements support?   Properties are syndicated to literally thousands of IDX sites, third party portals, newspapers etc. in 15 minutes of less after being accepted into the MLS.

It is TIME for all MLSs to require at least one photo and ideally multiple photos to be included before listings are pushed live anywhere.   If your MLS’s rules allow you to wait days before doing the right thing for your seller than you need to advocate to change these rules!