Homesnap delivers one million leads to real estate agentsROCKVILLE, MD, July 10, 2018 — Homesnap, the industry-endorsed national home search platform, today announced that it has sent over one million free leads to listing and buyers agents. These leads are shared by Homesnap to help real estate agents build their brand and connect with potential clients.

Homesnap is the public-facing brand and the technology powering the Broker Public Portal, the national home search platform launched by brokers and multiple listing services (MLSs) to provide an industry-friendly alternative for home searchers. When consumers click on listings they see on Homesnap, they are sent directly to the listing agent for that home, rather than to an agent who has paid to advertise on that listing. More than 145 MLSs across the country representing over 875,000 real estate agents share their listings on Homesnap, giving the platform a nationwide footprint. Homesnap also shares free leads from inquiries on properties that are not for sale.

“Five years ago, a small group of brokers and MLS executives got together and created the Fair Display guidelines for public facing websites. The core belief was two-fold: listing agents shouldn’t have to pay referral fees for leads generated by their own listings, and the buying public shouldn’t be steered away from the listing agent and towards an agent whose only knowledge of the property was that it was in a zip code they had purchased,” said Jon Coile, CEO of Champion Realty in Maryland.

“With the Broker Public Portal, the vision of fair access to the MLS listing inventor for the public, and free leads to agents, has become a reality a million time over. This is an excellent example of Brokers, Realtors and the MLS working together in partnership to deliver a better solution to the buying public while remaining fair to everyone,” Coile added.

Homesnap President and Co-founder Steve Barnes explains, “The philosophy of the Broker Public Portal with Homesnap is to provide consumers with accurate, real-time data straight from the MLS, and to connect potential buyers with the agents representing the homes they are interested in. Our best-in-market technology, combined with our adherence to Fair Display Guidelines, sets us apart from our competitors and gives agents and consumers a platform that they can use together to find the right home. Hitting a million leads demonstrates the significant positive impact that Homesnap has had on the industry.”

Homesnap is available to agents and consumers on the web and on iOS and Android mobile devices, including Apple Watch and Apple TV. Homesnap provides agents with a mobile productivity app, Homesnap Pro, which enables them to access their confidential MLS data and serve clients wherever they are. Homesnap also offers premium software and automated marketing products for agents that allows them to create, run and optimize their advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze. More than 200,000 ad campaigns have been run by agents on these platforms using Homesnap since 2016.

About Homesnap

With easy-to-use mobile technology fueled by unmatched, real-time data intelligence, Homesnap is changing the way real estate agents connect with consumers and serve their clients. The industry-endorsed Homesnap platform leverages real-time data from 145 MLSs to empower millions of consumers each month with a superior home search experience, while providing over 75% of U.S. agents with access to powerful mobile tools that automate their work and accelerate their success. With the Homesnap mobile app, the highest rated consumer home search application; Homesnap Pro, the industry-standard mobile business platform for agents; and the Homesnap national home search portal, a joint venture with the industry-backed Broker Public Portal, the integrated Homesnap platform is transforming the industry by bringing real-time to real estate. More information can be found at and

About Broker Public Portal

Broker Public Portal, LLC is a collaborative effort owned and operated by real estate brokerages and MLSs to deliver with Homesnap a better home search experience defined by simplicity, integrity and common sense. Homesnap provides the same comprehensive, real-time data directly from the MLS used by real professionals, the people who sell homes, not ads. Broker Public Portal with Homesnap follows industry-defined Fair Display Guidelines; there are no display ads from other agents or brokers on one’s listings, and all inquiries are sent to the listing agent or broker for free. More information can be found at and

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