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Virtual Properties Releases iPad Listing Presentation App

January 22, 2019 Madison, WI – Virtual Properties® a leading real estate broker and agent software provider serving 7000 agents and brokers, announced today that they have launched their updated iPad Listing Presentation app.

The Virtual Properties Listing Presentation application is the first of its kind to run natively on an iPad, combining a live MLS data powered CMA with Public Record data to blend a best of breed CMA tool with listing presentation materials, a dynamic Net Sheet, interactive pricing screens, integrated document and report management.

Madison, WI based First Weber was the first enterprise brokerage to deploy the application to over 1500 agents under their brand name for the app, Main Street Pro. First Weber agent, Charlie Wills is a 15-year real estate sales associate who produces around 110 transactions per year. To date, Wills has used the new Main Street Pro application 80 times and closed 65 listing presentations. “It used to take me hours to prepare a listing presentation for a client and another two hours to present it to the customer. With the new Main Street Pro app, the whole process from creation to customer signature is about 45 minutes,” says Wills.

Wills credits the product with delivering the best application for having a pricing discussion with sellers. Specifically, it allows him to pull up live data that shows how pricing over the market will not only take the home longer to sell, but the home will typically sell below market when it eventually does trade. “The app allows me to explain and chart some pretty complicated economic realities with my clients in real time. I can show them what is happening using MLS data with comparable homes, time on market, list to sell ratios, along with my performance on my listings. Time and time again, I am able to work with my sellers to price right and sell above market in fewer days.” Wills tracks his performance and holds a 98.96% list to sell ratio in a market where the average agent holds a 95% list to sell ratio. Wills indicates that the work that Virtual Properties has done to develop an application that produces beautiful interactive presentations on top of live data blows away competitors with basic CMAs or worse yet, MLS print outs. “Listing presentations are conversational,” says Wills, “and now I can dynamically show buyers and sellers the data in real time that answers their questions with extreme accuracy and reliability.”

Virtual Properties’ co-founder Jim Zellmer believes that this is the first listing presentation application for real estate that blends MLS data and public record data into a mobile app with live data. “With listing presentations, you need to start with the public record data and build the pricing strategy looking at active, pending, and sold records from the MLS. We make that happen with live data on an iPad, a powerful and very easy to use mobile presentation device.

Our app creates beautiful, active presentations, including flying into an address on a map, animated charts, sound and video and one tap property comparisons, with adjustments.

Agents can quickly share a concise summary, personalized video, PDF reports and a netsheet via social, messaging, airdrop and email.

The CMA and saved searches are automatically available in CRM.  Listing agreements and offers are just a tap away.

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Virtual Properties® is a leading developer of enterprise cloud applications for real estate brokers, teams and agents.  Our platform generates, captures, maintains, and converts customers on desktop and mobile devices. Key applications include real estate websites, native mobile apps, CRM, CMA, Virtual Tours, auto-fill documents, and broker intranets.


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