NCRMLSNorth Carolina Regional Multiple Listing Service (NCRMLS), located in the stunning Coastal Carolina region on the Eastern side of North Carolina is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer.

Founded by progressive real estate associations located on the coastal part of the state, the North Carolina Regional MLS serves the needs of brokers and agents. It facilitated transactions of nearly $6.5 billion and nearly 32,000 residential properties and nearly 7000 rental properties in 2018.

Currently NCRMLS serves more than 6,200 real estate professionals.

NCRMLS’ goal is to continue to make it easier for brokers to do business in a large region of North Carolina by simplifying the process of setting up and promoting listings and providing superior technology, service and training to facilitate the success of its Members–the REALTOR® associations.

The scope of this position includes working closely with each of the Members to enable them to be the customer-facing MLS service providers. NCRMLS supports its Members who deliver MLS training, accurate data, billing, administration, technology services and promotional programs to their REALTORS®. Tech Support is provided directly by FBS Data, the providers of the company’s FlexMLS system.

Because of the breadth of this position, it requires someone with deep technology skills as well as strong managerial, coaching, collaboration and leadership skills and a depth of experience managing MLS organizations.

The ideal candidate will be in tune with the needs of today’s brokers and consumers and will have proven experience building strong relationships with the Members. They will also have proven experience identifying ever-changing technology, leading the Members to satisfy the needs of brokers and their agents. They will be able to operate in a nimble and dynamic virtual environment and be able to lead a decisive and customer-centric staff.

Here are the responsibilities of the position:

  • Leads the development and preparation of short and long-term goals and plans based on the broad organizational goals and objectives and organizes strategic plans.
  • Effectively manages the financial performance of the organization to maintain solid reserves and leverage revenues as efficiently as possible to maximize member satisfaction.
  • Appraises and evaluates the results of overall operations regularly and provides reporting of these results to the Board of Managers and Member associations.
  • Directs and prioritizes technology and IT strategy implementation, planning, projects and budgeting.
  • Ensures that NCRMLS provides the best service levels possible to enable Member associations to deliver training, support and guidance to their REALTOR® brokers and appraisers.
  • Motivates and leads a small, but high-performance management team; establishes and monitors performance-review process and systems and equitable human resource policies.
  • Conducts regular meetings with the Board of Managers to ensure the needs of their brokers are being met and ideally, exceeded.
  • Represents the organization at national MLS events to ensure that the services offered remain relevant and valuable. Constantly seeks new ideas for services and better ways to implement best practices by networking with peers around the country.

If you would like to learn more about the position or would like to submit your resume and cover letter for consideration, please email