CRMWAV Group recently fielded its WAV Group 2019 CRM Effectiveness Study.  The study distributed to 71,581 brokers across the country clearly demonstrated that Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are becoming mainstream.

Key Takeaways

CRMs are becoming mainstream

More than 2/3 of respondents now offer one or more CRM solutions

CRMs generate business

60% of broker respondents believe that CRM software helps increase their revenues

CRMs help recruit and retain agents

40% of broker respondents believe CRMs help their recruiting and retention efforts

Stand-alone solutions work best

Satisfaction with stand-alone solutions is highest because agent adoption, satisfaction and productivity is higher than those that only use light CRM solutions included within other broker tools

The study showed that brokers now believe CRM software is one of the three most powerful marketing tools available today because of its ability to encourage consistent sales activity at all stages of the sales process.

CRM has become the foundation of broker solutions

Nearly 33% of broker respondents say that CRM is their top training priority. Here are some of the reasons why brokers place so much importance on CRM training:

“Our CRM is at the center of our entire system. It’s the heart of the system around which everything else orbits.”

“We have a strong lead gen platform and agents have a very solid flow of leads into the platform. If they work the system which we have set up they will close transactions.”

CRM’s deliver a series of benefits

  • Strengthen Customer Relationships
  • Helps agents become more organized
  • Qualify, nurture and convert leads
  • Provide better customer follow-up
  • Agents stay more motivated and accountable

If you would like to review results from the study click HERE!