The other night I was driving down a main thoroughfare near where I live, and the traffic was heavy. This street is less than 500 yards from our home. And while we’re not adjacent to it, when we bought our house over 20 years ago, we were concerned about traffic noise.

Yet in the winter, we never hear the traffic. It’s mainly because we have double-pane windows.

Which made me think about how one little feature can change everything.

In the spring and fall, when our windows are wide open to welcome in the fresh air, we hear the traffic. It doesn’t bother us. After all, I’m talking about a two-lane road with dozens of cars and an occasional bus or truck. We live on an island outside of Seattle, so traffic is relative.

But it’s still amazing to me how double-pane windows can quash the noise so easily and simply.

One little feature that can be the difference between a good night’s rest and a restless night.

Double-Pane Windows in Business

I think about what we do at the WAV Group every day and realize that it is often the little things we do for our clients that can have the biggest impact. One short call, conversation, email or suggestion can change everything.

It often amazes our clients, that we can do these little things so seamlessly, so naturally, because, well, it’s in our nature. We’ve just always done it that way. We call it taking care of our own.

We’ve always done more than what is just in a plan or contained in an agreement. We are advocates for the folks we work with and their companies.

We work very hard to work with great people and great organizations. While we’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, we are all dogged in our work ethic and rigorously committed to helping our clients become more successful.

Double-pane windows do more than just let us see out and see in. It’s the hidden features that have the most value to us. That’s how we at the WAV Group have thought about and how our most valued customers often describe us when they recommend us to others.

As several of us just returned from New York another Inman Connect where we met with folks to talk about our expertise as well as the little things we do, because we know they matter. If there’s something WAV Group can help you with, let us know.