QR Codes were dead in real estate, but now that the Apple iPhone camera reads them, marketers have jumped back and started using them. It may be a feature on your iPhone that you did not even know was there, but consumers are all about it, once again.

I went to Google to center myself on the last time that QR codes were discussed in real estate. Like Short URL Codes, both are designed to allow a person to get to a place on the internet in a click or two rather than typing in a URL. There was a flurry of publicity about QR codes in 2011. The top search result for my “QR Codes for Real Estate” search took me to an article published in REALTOR® Magazine.

Back in 2011, QR codes did not stick. Nobody denied the convenience of them, but there was one big problem. An iPhone user had to have a special QR code reader app on their phone to read a QR code. On another level, those QR Codes are not very pretty either. Now that the iPhone camera will read a QR code with the native iOS, there is no need to download some QR code reader app and struggle to find it on your phone. Just open the camera and it’s there. This 15-second video shows you how easy it is to use a QR code to direct someone to download your mobile app.

QR Codes are free to create, which is awesome. Moreover, you can accommodate the “ugly factor” with some creative designs that incorporate an image of the house, company logo, and coordinating coloring. I am no designer, but using the free QR Code maker at https://www.qrcode-monkey.com I created this QR code in less than a minute that will take you to the WAV Group homepage.

WAV Group QR CodeOK – it is time for you to try it. If you are reading this article on your computer, pull out your iPhone (or iPad). Open the camera, and let the camera look at this QR code. At the top of your screen, click the notification. YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE.

BAM!  That was easy.