restb.aiArtificial Intelligence is stated by many futurists and pundits as THE next big thing. When fully realized, the impact of AI is going to be bigger than anything we have ever seen including the invention of the internet. Launched in 2016 in sunny Barcelona, Spain, took shape when CEO, Angel Esteban, was searching for a home for his wife and newborn son. Browsing through dozens of properties, he was shocked by the inconsistent quality of listings and the general difficulty of finding his family’s dream home. There had to be a better way.  With an extensive background in A.I., Angel took matters into his own hands and began creating solutions specifically targeting real estate. Realizing the wealth of untapped data in property photos, he discovered an industry ripe to be disrupted by the latest developments in computer vision.

Today operates from offices in the US and Barcelona and works with clients across 5 continents solving problems in every area of real estate. They are continually looking to partner with the leading innovators in the real estate industry to use A.I. and technology to bring real estate into the future. is different than other computer vision companies. They use their own proprietary machine-learning technology specifically designed to the needs of the Real Estate industry. They deliver the best-in-class solutions for this sector’s main pain points.

Since their A.I. solution is tailored to Real Estate, they:

  • Return only industry-specific tags, avoiding ‘clutter tags’ (‘property’, ‘room’, etc.);
  • Offer the best-in-class accuracy
  • Offer in-depth image categorization specific to real estate properties is constantly developing and improving solutions that solve Real Estate specific problems, which is another aspect of why we’re different from the competition.

It’s no wonder they were named one of the top 5 Hottest Start-ups in 2017 by Nvidia found a fellow innovator in TRIBUS. They have partnered to find ways to help brokers significantly increase their consumer engagement and traffic by delivering a much more compelling way by allowing consumers to personalize their search to the home features that are most important to them.

The smarts of computer vision allow TRIBUS to deliver much more effective ways to search for a specific room in a home as well. If a consumer is looking for the perfect home with the best all-white kitchen with sunny windows, for example.’s technology will now make it possible to do this type of refined search.

screen shot of a more refined search.

This partnership is going to revolutionize the way consumers look for property in the future.


Check out the attached press release announcing the exciting partnership between and TRIBUS:

Chicago, Ill  July 19, 2019

TRIBUS and have partnered to deliver a much more compelling and personalized method for consumers to search for properties using breakthrough AI methods.

Personalizing Property Search

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, broker websites delivered by TRIBUS will allow consumers to search for properties using much more personalized criteria than normal analog property searches allow you to use today. Through machine learning, the AI tools will be able to read elements of each property image to deliver much more robust and customizable methods to search for specific elements and features of a home. If a consumer is interested in a home with a sunny kitchen, for example, they will be able to search via plain language for sunny kitchens. The AI engine will pull images of properties that match that criteria even though it is not a specific feature that is called out on a typical listing detail page.

Today it is nearly impossible to compare the photos of individual properties by amenity or room. If a consumer is most interested in looking at the quality of a kitchen in each of the houses they look at, for example, they must scroll through every image on every property to find the kitchen images. With’s AI platform, a consumer can now search just for kitchen images so they can easily compare them side by side to find the home with their dream kitchen. Consumers can search for “natural light,” “updated kitchens,” “white granite countertops,” and other terms previously unavailable to them. With one click of a button, a consumer can examine kitchens from different houses, all beautifully aligned in a seamless browsing experience.

Better SEO

In 2019, Google still has a difficult time understanding the content of a website’s images. Google has long held that classifying images using ALT tags is the best way to let them know about that content. The problem on real estate websites is there are often millions of images, with 100s or thousands of new images added each day. No human could keep up. In TRIBUS websites using technology, images can now be auto categorized with these alt tags. When Google indexes all of the listings on the site, they’ll understand the significance of the individual images – kitchens, baths, etc. That makes it possible for TRIBUS websites to be found when someone does a more advanced search on Google such as “Homes in Stamford, CT with updated kitchens.”

Supports ADA Compliance

These same AI capabilities can help the 7.2 million Americans that are visually-impaired. With’s proprietary audio descriptions, visually-impaired home buyers can independently search for a house. TRIBUS websites will include audio descriptions of all of the images, which helps viewers understand what each house looks like. Additionally, a visually impaired viewer can now navigate the listings with just their voice, as the website has enabled voice search. This proprietary technology will help real estate brokers avoid fallen victim to the increasing number of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) lawsuits being filed.

“AI is starting to come of age in real estate,” said Katie Ragusa, VP of Product at TRIBUS, one of the nation’s leading providers of broker marketing and business solutions. “TRIBUS has long been on the forefront of brokerage website innovation.  From creating the first responsive real estate brokerage website, to implementing the highly visible search box, and creating new and innovative ways to connect with agents. When searching for a home online, nothing is more important than the images. So, making a search based upon images is something we’ve always wanted to do. With that’s now possible.”

Angel Esteban, CEO and Co-founder of said, “our proprietary AI solution is ideally suited to help improve the consumer search experience since photos are such a key part of the search process. By partnering with TRIBUS we will be able to personalize the ways consumers search for properties by allowing them to search for the unique features that are most important to them. Never before has a consumer truly been in the driver’s seat of their property search and able to find homes only with      an abundance of natural light or a beautiful kitchen island with a dark granite countertop.”


TRIBUS provides medium and large brokerages around the world with custom websites, intranet, email marketing, transaction management, and CRM systems. Through their open API – TRIBUS Source – the system connects brokerages’​ listing, agent, and consumer data with over 100 other tools like marketing, back office, accounting, lead generation and more where and when the brokerage needs it.

TRIBUS is more than just a custom real estate brokerage platform vendor. The company hand selects people that can provide immense value to their clients. Leaders of the company, client care director and head of development all have former real estate experience. Because of this, TRIBUS is able to approach products and services from a higher level of experience. That’s why instead of following the crowd, they start from the frame of reference – what could they do to best help their clients? Learn more at

About is a computer vision company specializing in image recognition for real estate.’s plug-n-play solution identifies, categorizes, and delivers results on property-related images with an accuracy of up to 99%. The solution pushes the boundaries of machine learning, designed from the ground up to accurately recognize complex concepts within a real estate context.