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This week SmartMLS and Homesnap announced deep, advanced integrations between CoreLogic’s Matrix multiple listing software system and Homesnap Pro for SmartMLS subscribers. SmartMLS agents benefit from instant synchronization of contacts, prospects, saved searches, and favorites between the two platforms.

SmartMLS agents and brokers also get edit listing functionality, as well as the ability to add a new listing in the future. The best part of this innovation: SmartMLS subscribers get these features at no additional charge.

The announcement is significant for several reasons.

First, these integrations are happening in a busy market. SmartMLS represents over 18,000 real estate professionals and covers all eight Connecticut counties. That makes it a top 20 MLS in the nation. Even though it serves our third smallest state, Connecticut has the highest per capita income in the country and boasts a massive $13 billion in annual real estaHomesnap 340x230te transactions.

Second, SMARTMLS is the first of several markets where CoreLogic is integrating with the Homesnap app. CoreLogic’s Matrix and Matrix 360 systems are the behemoth of the MLS industry. CoreLogic MLS systems already send out about 100 million listing notifications a month. CoreLogic now begins the process of turning on the integration in other large MLSs.

Most importantly, the announcement marks the next phase in the “groundswell’ marketing strategy developed by the Broker Public Portal (BPP) with Homesnap.

From the very beginning, BPP with Homesnap embraced the groundswell marketing model rather than a traditional consumer advertising model. This approach is unique in that it leverages the relationships of MLSs, real estate brokers, and their agents with their community of trusted clients. Relying on these agent- client relationships is a better way to create long-term growth that is efficient and sustainable.

The first phase of the groundswell strategy targeted MLSs to offer the Broker Public Portal as a member benefit. This ongoing effort has made the Broker Public Portal by Homesnap the most widely adopted app in the history of the real estate industry. Over one million agents and brokers have access to Homesnap technology to power client engagement.

The second phase of the groundswell strategy happens when agents use Homesnap to connect to consumers. Once they set up Homesnap Pro, the mobile app asks agents to invite their sphere by connecting to the contacts on their smartphones.

Many agents invite all of their contacts because Homesnap Pro triggers a personal invitation from the agent to the client and provides a custom link to download the agent’s version of the app. The agent is now connected to that client, thanks to Homesnap automatically maintaining that agent-client relationship.

This news release announces the solving of the “duplicate saved search” problem and ignites the third phase of the groundswell strategy, which is deep integration with MLS systems.

Once CoreLogic, Black Knight, FBS, and Rapattoni have completed their integrations with Homesnap, they will help power millions of agent interactions with clients each month. The technology is now in place with CoreLogic and Black Knight. And while FBS and Rapattoni have not made announcements about their Homesnap integrations, these market-leading firms respond well to agent needs.

SmartMLS was among the first MLSs in the nation to champion the idea of an MLS-provided national consumer-facing website. They also sponsored the initial meetings of the industry initiative that is the Broker Public Portal. They have become a leading champion of doing the right thing to the benefit of the real estate industry and especially the consumers it serves.

Here’s the complete news release:

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WALLINGFORD, CT, AUGUST 5, 2019 —  SmartMLS and Homesnap today announced the launch of advanced integrations between Matrix, CoreLogic’s multiple listing software system, and Homesnap Pro which enable SmartMLS subscribers to perform essential functions within the Homesnap Pro platform. Those functions include full synchronization of contacts, prospects, saved searches and favorites between the two platforms, as well as edit listing functionality, and will later include the ability to add a new listing. These advanced integrations are available to SmartMLS subscribers at no additional charge.

SmartMLS is committed to providing products and services to its subscribers that simplify their lives and allow them to perform their essential tasks from a single device. Earlier this year, Homesnap and Corelogic announced that they would be partnering on integrations between their two platforms – the first time that CoreLogic has allowed these combined integrations directly into Matrix. They are therefore now available to SmartMLS subscribers for the first time.

These integrations will enhance the utility of Homesnap Pro in SmartMLS, allowing agents to perform advanced functions directly from their mobile devices.

“SmartMLS is very excited to be the first Matrix customer to provide these integrations to its subscribers. Linking Matrix core functionality to Homesnap’s innovative mobile app will help Connecticut real estate professionals more efficiently and effectively service their clients, “ said Kathy Elson, SmartMLS CEO. “SmartMLS has been a strong supporter of the Homesnap product and the Broker Public Portal since its infancy and we are thrilled our vendor partners are working together to integrate the tools our agents utilize on a daily basis.”

“Real estate professionals want integrated solutions that make the products they use more powerful and efficient. We are always trying to make Homesnap Pro an even better tool for agents, brokers and MLSs and we are excited to be launching this functionality with SmartMLS for the benefit of their subscribers,” said Homesnap CEO John Mazur.

Homesnap Pro is the market-leading agent productivity app, which is currently available to over one million agents in more than 200 multiple listing organizations across the country. Homesnap Pro offers essential products for agent and broker success, including productivity tools, marketing services and client management, on a single platform. Homesnap is also the public-facing brand of the Broker Public Portal, the only national home search platform powered by real-time MLS data and following Fair Display Guidelines.

About SmartMLS

SmartMLS represents over 18,000 real estate professionals and covers all eight Connecticut counties, making it among the largest MLSs in the country. Though the third smallest state, Connecticut has one of the highest per capita incomes in the United States, and boasts a massive $15 billion in real estate transactions annually. The SmartMLS territory spans the state of Connecticut, an area of over 5,500 square miles. More information can be found at

About Homesnap

With easy-to-use mobile technology fueled by unmatched, real-time data intelligence, Homesnap is changing the way real estate agents connect with consumers and serve their clients. The industry-endorsed Homesnap platform leverages real-time data from over 200 MLSs to empower millions of consumers each month with a superior home search experience, while providing over 85% of U.S. agents with access to powerful mobile tools that automate their work and accelerate their success. With the Homesnap mobile app, the highest rated consumer home search application; Homesnap Pro, the industry-standard mobile business platform for agents; and the Homesnap national home search portal, a joint venture with the industry-backed Broker Public Portal, the integrated Homesnap platform is transforming the industry by bringing real-time to real estate. More information can be found at

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