Tree with roots outgrowing pot

The PropTech industry is teeming with life; the pressure to stand out and be extraordinary propels companies ever forward toward the cutting edge of our digital capabilities. We see multitudes of increasingly impressive tech companies at industry conferences each year, with the prioritization on user experience distinguishing those on the road to success. BoxBrownie and GeoCV are two such companies that have stood out to WAV Group in the past few years. We were excited when they announced a partnership back in July of this year to address the growing demand for the visualization of a home’s furnished spaces. They are now expanding their partnership to include GeoCV’s commercial 3D staging product, and the demo is spectacular.

Instead of imagining an office space with furniture and lighting installed, what if you could actually see what it would look like?

The market opportunity here is undeniably huge. Augmented Reality (AR) has just begun its journey in many industries, real estate included, and like machine learning, promises to shape the future of the business landscape. Both GeoCV and BoxBrownie leverage AR in their products with image mapping and photo manipulation, providing brokers and agents with the means to immerse prospective clients in a unique virtual experience that truly demonstrates the potential of a space. The commercial real estate market has increased by a whopping 42.5% in the last 4 years alone, and the announcement of this new product with the potential to revolutionize the buyer experience should not go overlooked.

About BoxBrownie

WAV Group set our sights on BoxBrownie last year at the National Association of Realtors®(NAR)’s Midyear conference in Washington, D.C. during the company’s participation in the 2018 REACH® class. Based in Australia, BoxBrownie offers an impressive range of services from stunning 360° virtual staging to image enhancement and even design renders. Users can upload images from a phone, tablet, or desktop computer and their editing experts deliver the finished product within 24-48 hours, with the user retaining 100% of the copyright ownership.

About GeoCV

A start-up company out of New York, GeoCV specializes in photorealistic 360° and 3D property tours. Users create the videos by uploading floor plans along with imagery captured using 3D-enabled cameras—the depth perception feature translates to beautifully rendered, seamless 3D walkthroughs. I was personally floored upon experiencing GeoCV’s virtual tour service for the first time—it is unlike any other application I’ve used (aside from Matterport).