listen to your customersI love it when an MLS listens and responds to their members’ requests quickly. In Palm Springs, CA, the MLS decided to switch MLS systems after working with the system provided by The MLS™/CLAW, the luxury MLS provider for about 6 years. When their new system went live in September 2019, some Palm Springs members embraced the change, but others demanded to bring Vesta Plus, their preferred system back. Listening to their members, The Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® went to work. In just 3 months, Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® negotiated a new contract and got Vesta Plus back for their members. The Palm Springs Association recognizes that they are here to serve their members and provide them the tools they need to succeed. Now the organization offers two MLS systems to satisfy the diverse needs of their customers.

One great way to KNOW what your members need to succeed is to ask them. Annual satisfaction surveys, and follow-up surveys after customer support calls are two great ways to make sure you’re in tune with the ever-changing needs of your MLS subscribers. Another great way to stay in touch is to get out in the field. Take a broker to lunch, go to their offices and present ways MLS technologies can help agents generate leads, secure new listing appointments or stay in touch with clients after the sale. Every time you demonstrate a tangible and practical way to help your members sell more real estate the MLS is enhancing its perceived value. If you need help with fielding customer satisfaction research or outlining a comprehensive plan to improve customer satisfaction WAV Group is here to help! We work with MLSs all over the country helping them to identify their key strengths and opportunities for improvement and then outlining tangible plans and benchmarks to address challenges and monitor progress.

Congrats again to the Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS®! You are a model for others to follow!

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Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® brings back VESTAPLUS™ to meet member demands

Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA – January 21, 2020 – VESTAPLUS™, the newest MLS system to enter the MLS industry and serving over 20,000 REALTORS® to date, inked a deal to bring back their software to the members of the Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® (PSRAR) due to strong demand from PSRAR subscribers. The MLS™/CLAW a luxury MLS services provider in Beverly Hills and Malibu is the provider of VESTAPLUS™. The VESTAPLUS™ software will be delivered via a 3-way agreement between the Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS®, The MLS™/CLAW and California Regional MLS (CRMLS).

According to Karen Joy Tabbah, 2020 President of PSRAR, “We do our best to provide our members with all of the services and technologies they need to be as successful as possible. Many of our members are very satisfied with the ease of use and robust functionality available in VESTAPLUS™. While we had switched to another MLS system provider, many of our members requested that we bring back VESTAPLUS™. We listened to their suggestions and are now offering two MLS systems to meet the unique demands of our customers.”

According to Frank Alvarez, the MLS Committee Chair and Director of PSRAR, and Broker Associate for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services says, “VESTAPLUS™ is intuitive and easy to navigate. The reports are logical and easy to read. The system is incredibly powerful, and has so many ways for users to customize their own experience. We’re glad to be working again with VESTAPLUS™.”

VESTAPLUS™, designed directly from input from active real estate practitioners in several markets around California, receives strong kudos from its users. Chris Anderson, General Manager for Bennion Deville Homes, one of the largest brokers in the Palm Springs and Desert areas with over 850 agents says “many of our agents demanded that we work with PSRAR to get VESTAPLUS™ back. We are pleased that our association listened to their members and brought back VESTAPLUS™, the MLS system my agents prefer because of its ease of use, strong mobile solution and intuitive search capabilities.”

About Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS®

The Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® (PSRAR) is the source for real estate professionals promoting excellence through education, advocacy and ethics. The Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® assists real estate professionals and their affiliates in our desert communities. The organization has proudly supported REALTORS® throughout the Coachella Valley since 1928.


Founded in April 2018, VESTAPLUS™ LLC is a boutique organization delivering a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use MLS Software, VESTAPLUS™. Trusted by 20,000+ users, VESTAPLUS™ provides fully customizable MLS solutions, unparalleled responsiveness, hassle-free data shares and deep third-party integrations. VESTAPLUS™ Software is licensed to Imperial County Association of REALTORS®, Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS®, Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS®, Malibu Association of REALTORS®, and Southwest Los Angeles Association of REALTORS®. VESTAPLUS™ LLC offers 24/7 support, one-on-one training, webinars, hands-on classes, and a Help Desk that is open 7 days a week. For more information on the VESTAPLUS™ software, contact us at 1-833-VESTAPLUS (1-833-837-8275)


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