virtual tour cafe logoProviding an authentic virtual home tour experience is no longer a challenge for members of the Bay East Association of Realtors® and Contra Costa Realtors®. Through a new agreement with VirtualTourCafe, RealEZPhotoFix will now be available to support Realtors with virtual staging services and a variety of photo enhancement tools. Members of both associations now have access to cutting-edge technology, promoting faster sales and client confidence at an exclusive discount.

WAV Group released a whitepaper with the key finding that “while real estate agents average over 50 years of age, the majority of new home buyers are in their 30’s. Agents need to understand and meet this demographic group’s technology expectations to be successful.” The avg. homebuyer age has risen to 47 in recent years as last reported by NAR’s findings, but we have witnessed many of the paper’s findings hold true today as the critical value of effective real estate technology only becomes more prevalent. The COVID crisis has specifically exposed the importance of empowering agents with the tools they need to work remotely, as well as supporting them in reaching their clients with this technology. By taking this exciting new step in partnership with Virtual Tour Cafe, the Contra Costa and Bay East Associations of Realtors® showcase their dedication to facilitating a streamlined home search experience.



before and after virtual staging


RealEZPhotoFix Announces Agreement with Bay East Association of Realtors® and Contra Costa Association of Realtors®

Pleasanton, CA, May 26th, 2020 – RealEZPhotoFix by VirtualTourCafe, a nationally recognized leader in real estate virtual staging and virtual tours announced today in cooperation with the Bay East Association of REALTORS® and Contra Costa Association of REALTORS® that real estate agent and broker members can now order professional virtual staging and photo enhancement services through RealEZPhotoFix, a division of VirtualTourCafe, LLC with special member pricing.

Under the agreement, members of both associations can order virtual staging, photo enhancement, object removal, and floor plans through the easy to use RealEZPhotoFix website with a special member-only discount to take advantage of the automated real estate virtual marketing tools designed to help agents market and sell listings in an ever-changing virtual environment.

“Our members want modern, professional and easy-to-use tools to market their properties, and with the changing environment and need for virtual showings,  RealEZPhotoFix by VirtualTourCafe is able to provide solutions to meet our members need.  We are all excited to be working closely with VirtualTourCafe and RealEZPhotoFix to offer this automated solution to our members.” – Tricia Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Bay East Association of REALTORS

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Bay East Association of Realtors and Contra Costa Association of Realtors as they represent a high standard of excellence and brand recognition in the real estate community,” said Tim Denbo, president/CEO RealEZPhotoFix.

The RealEZPhotoFix online real estate virtual staging and photo enhancement service also offers real estate agents the ability to convert their photos from good to great in less than 24 hours by using highly skilled photo editors. The editors apply a proprietary, 15-step process designed to make the agent look like a professional photographer; and help the real estate agent and homeowner sell fast, and many times for a higher price!

“With the Covid-19 and homeowners concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, real estate agents have a lot of challenges with getting a property ready for the market. There are situations when the photos need to get done even though no professional photographer is available, or the homeowners don’t want people coming through their home. This is just one more reason we developed RealEZPhotoFix” said Tim Denbo President/CEO RealEZPhotoFix and bestselling author of “The 7 Secrets of Real Estate Photography to Sell Homes Fast.”.

Virtual staging is coming of age due to new 3D technology enhancements allowing skilled designers and editors to create realistic photos with incredible details that make it hard to tell the difference between a physically staged home and a virtually staged home. In addition, in the current market buyers are becoming more accepting of technology tools and virtual tools, and are not surprised, as long as the real estate agent or homeowner discloses the facts. A good practice is to show both photos, the before and after with disclaimer that the after photo has been virtually staged.

“Modern technology and ease-of-use are important features in any tool or service we offer our members.  VirtualTourCafe and RealEZPhotoFix offers a suite of quality products and services that we are proud to offer our members and believe it will not only save them time and money, but help them sell listings faster!”  – Sheiren Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, Contra Costa Association of REALTORS

The real estate industry has been evolving over the years.  Virtual staging has become more widely used and accepted.  RealEZPhotoFix by VirtualTourCafe has responded by offering a product that meets the needs of today’s real estate professional.


RealEZPhotoFix is a division of VirtualTourCafe a limited liability company headquartered in Pleasanton, California with clients coast to coast and in three countries.  The business offers real estate associations and brokerage discount options, site-licensing as well as individual agents Do-It-Yourself subscription service and full-service professional photography in a growing number of select markets.