On August 13th, Lone Wolf issued a press release that they have integrated First American Home Warranty Solutions into Transaction Desk (Formerly Instanet). This partnership allows consumers to purchase Home Warranty Solutions directly from First American through the Lone Wolf Marketplace.Lone Wolf Logo

This fantastic integration streamlines accessibility for consumers, granting access to the great value of a home warranty in the purchase or even in the sale of a home. WAV Group Research has recognized that sellers benefit from offering a home warranty when listing a home because it can be easily transferred to the buyer and provide them peace of mind.

We included this information in our recent WAVes of Change webinars, a private subscription service that allows brokers and Associations/MLS with direct access to information that we collect on industry changes that may offer opportunities or serve as a deterrent to existing opportunities.

Historically, Home Warranty companies have created marketing relationships with brokers, franchises, MLSs, or Associations to create offerings for consumers. Most often, these marketing relationships have a revenue component related to consumers who opt into the service. Many brokerages include a Home Warranty on every sale.

For the first time, Transaction Management solutions through Lone Wolf will be marketing and selling this solution directly to consumers. This is not an issue for brokers, franchises, MLSs, or Associations who do not have a Home Warranty marketing agreement. However, those who do have such agreements in place see this as competitive to their existing strategy.

The good news is that those companies who would not like to see the First American Home Warranty offerings in their Transaction Management platform may opt out, and Lone Wolf will remove it. In fact, there are a number of ways that Lone Wolf can use this functionality to support organizations to include their Home Warranty or other lines of marketing products. It is vital that you contact your Lone Wolf representative to learn how you can leverage Lone Wolf Marketplace to work for you to drive additional benefits.

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