Side, Inc. is expanding to 17 states this year – much of it is underway. WAV Group met with Side to understand more about their go to market strategy and understand how they operate in the markets they enter. At the center of their expansion is the relationship with their partners in each market. They seek top producing agents, teams, and small brokers to roll their business into a partnership with Side. The partners retain their own brand and Side delivers on the support and technology.

A unique element of Side is that there is no concept of an office manager. They have brokers in every market that focus on being the broker – not a coach, not a trainer, nor an office manager. The broker at Side focuses on helping partners with deals. If you are a broker who is interested in talking to Side, I will be happy to introduce you.

Below is a press release that outlines how they have reimagined the role of the broker.


Side recruits for strategically focused managing broker positions in Ohio, Colorado, Nevada and Washington, with more states on the horizon.

Side, the brokerage platform that exclusively partners with the very best agents, teams, and independent brokerages to transform them into leading boutique brands and businesses, is recruiting for a position that brings the role of managing broker back to its roots.

In most real estate companies, brokers are asked to be office taskmasters and cheerleaders, responsible for recruiting, retention, P&L ownership, technology adoption, staffing, and business planning. As Hilary Saunders, Chief Broker Officer at Side, said: “None of those responsibilities have anything to do with supporting the licensees. At Side, we put our partners first, and that includes providing best-in-class support from the managing broker(s).”

At Side, managing brokers concentrate on assisting partners through difficult transactions, deal doctoring, providing meaningful education, overseeing compliance, answering agents’ legal and ethical questions, and staying up to date on rules and regulations. Since Side has a dedicated staff of over 400 full-time “inSiders” to handle functions like recruiting, business planning, and technology training, Side managing brokers are able to strategically focus on what matters most.

“Managing brokers at Side have the luxury of first-class systems and support,” said Donnie Pingaro, Side’s managing broker in Florida. “This allows us to not get bogged down in the details or get distracted by recruiting and admin work. You get to be the thought leader for highly experienced agents across the state, helping them take their businesses to the next level.”

Side is doing the same thing for managing brokers as it does for agents: offloading tasks and streamlining workflows so they can focus on what they do best: solving complex transactional matters. The company has raised well over $250 million in service of this mission and is now valued at $2.5 billion. Currently operating in California, Texas and Florida, Side is entering the first phase of a nationwide expansion plan and is recruiting managing brokers for the following states: Ohio, Colorado, Nevada and Washington, with more states added regularly. Qualified brokers are encouraged to get in touch with Jeff Boos, Director of New Markets, to learn more (

About Side
Side transforms high-performing agents, teams and independent brokerages into successful businesses and boutique brands that are 100 percent agent-owned. Side exclusively partners with the best agents, empowering them with proprietary technology and a premier support team so they can be more productive, grow their business and focus on serving their clients. Side is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit

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