If you did not catch this release yesterday – it’s worth a look if you are a broker, title company, or mortgage company. WAV Group has been consulting on customer-for-life strategies for years. There are effective ways to stay connected to your customers between transactions. There are benefits of these programs that include the likelihood of a repeat customer, referrals, and opportunities for ancillary revenue – from things like a mortgage refinance. MooveGuru is one numerous companies who are developing services for homeownership that are provided by brokers, title companies, and mortgage companies to consumers.

Updater is probably the largest, followed by MooveGuru and MoveEasy. Inside Real Estate is launching a platform called CORE Home and start up Milestones is launching a product, also. The unique innovation by MooveGuru is that they are offering the platform as a franchise. Brokers can purchase the rights to the distribution of MooveGuru for a region or a state. I have never seen this model for distribution of prop tech before. Its definitely worth tracking.

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Brokers, Title Companies, and Mortgage Companies Driving New Revenue Growth through Homeownership Services

Innovative real estate tech franchise from MooveGuru has sold franchises in 20 States in first 180 days of offering.

Atlanta, GA – January 6, 2022 – Through its automated data capture and delivery platforms, the first PropTech franchise emerges from a likely source—MooveGuru. For five years, MooveGuru has been perfecting the consumer experience during their moving process. Now, the robust platform supports consumers with services throughout the homeownership lifecycle. The prop tech firm is the first to offer franchises that allow real estate service providers in brokerage, title and mortgage to purchase franchises. The MooveGuru franchise enables these companies to deliver a home ownership portal called YourHomeHub that allows homeowners to gain access to preferred local services at a discount. The success comes from being local.

YourHomeHub, is the first consumer portal that is “Everything Home,” meaning it allows homeowners to manage both the financial details and physical elements of their home. The consumer can monitor extensive information about their home and local market conditions, store important documents, generate accurate estimates for home repairs and find a local contractor for over 1,000 different home service categories. Each YourHomeHub is sponsored by local real estate brands, driving top of mind marketing and revenue from consumer purchases.

The platform, provided by real estate professionals, gives a powerful homeowner resource to their customers—at no cost to them. Real estate professionals also receive exclusive marketing opportunities to their spheres of influence, which prevents competitors from engaging with their most coveted contacts from the dashboard. Startup costs, including the initial franchise fee for a unit franchise, are under $50,000.

“We have expanded our franchise coverage area to 20 states in 180 days,” said Kathleen Kuhn, President of MooveGuru. “Statewide rights have been issued in AL, CO, DE, FL, GA, KY, LA, MI, MS, MT, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN. DC, VA, WV, MD, TX and NM scheduled to close on the 20th of January.”

Franchise owners trend towards real estate brokerages who have experience with operating affiliate companies, followed by Mortgage and Title companies. Mortgage brokers typically partner with their top real estate agents for cobranding and split the opportunity fifty-fifty for RESPA compliance. Title companies are offering the service on all their title closings. The franchise pays 10-20 percent of net subscription to franchise owners. The more subscriptions to YourHomeHub and the more leads generated for service pros, the more the franchise owner makes.

“The growth plan for our business has always been focused on how we can provide a better experience for our clients and our agents, while at the same time continuing to diversify our brokerage revenue streams,” said Michael Patterson, Broker & Owner of Maryland based RE/MAX IKON. “When I was introduced to YourHomeHub, Scott Oakley and the leadership team, I was immediately impressed with the level of talent that has been amassed and knew it was the next business we needed to add in our service offerings.”

Your Home Hub franchise is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves to network, desires flexible work hours and is looking for a recurring revenue model. It offers four different channels to generate income:

● Marketing Subscriptions to Real Estate Professionals
● Lead Generation for Service Professionals
● Utility Concierge Revenues
● Sponsorships from Lenders and Home Inspectors

To learn more about a Your Home Hub Franchise and available territories, please email franchise@yourhomehub.com or visit yourhomehub.com.

About MooveGuru
MooveGuru Inc. is based in Roswell, GA. In 2016 the company launched a free mover engagement program to real estate agents and brokers with the idea of connecting home buyers and sellers to convenience and savings on moving services. Using just-in-time delivery through artificial intelligence algorithms, MooveGuru Inc. ensures consumers receive agent-branded savings and convenience from national and local retailers and utility connections as they step through the relocation process. Today, more than 1500 brokerages, 300,000 agents, and millions of homeowners are connected to the MooveGuru and YourHomeHub platforms.

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