Tom George HeadshotWAV Group had the opportunity to catch up with Constellation leader Tom George to discuss the company’s recent announcement to extend their growth strategy into the real estate industry. For years, Constellation has been gobbling up great real estate technology companies though acquisition. This new strategy broadens the use of capital to private equity placements and venture capital, including seed stage investments. The video recording of our call is below.

When the spark of innovation ignites an entrepreneur’s passion in real estate, they often don’t know what they don’t know. Second Century Ventures and look-a-like VC firm Moderne Ventures both do a really great job of delivering that support through their programs. In the financial markets, they refer to this as ‘smart money’. There is a lot of capital available to startups in real estate, but smart money is a bit harder to find.

Constellation1 Logo Constellation brings a lot of resources to the table with their capital. They can handle data aggregation from MLSs, understand the targets for KPIs, and are savvy on how to go to market with the best customers – many of whom are likely already Constellation partners. Caveat that picked up from Mr. George is that their investment will also open doors to the entrepreneurs that are in residence at Constellation today. They have a lot of employees with great ideas and now they will get the support and investment capital to explore them more easily than trying to organically grow a concept in house.

If you are interested selling your company to Constellation, you should take a moment to watch this video interview on the Anatomy of a Valuation. This will prepare you for the discussion.

If you are interested in venture capital from Constellation, reach out and we will be happy to provide an introduction.

Please enjoy this video of the interview – run time ~ 17 mins.