stay in touchThe real estate industry has been plagued with something akin to bad breath when it comes to staying connected to customers. After the trade, the agent and brokerage disappear. They do not even provide helpful services to help with the move. A number of companies are supporting brokers with concierge solutions that solve this problem – and, it’s a big problem. Up to 45 Million consumers move a year, and the real estate industry is the tip of the spear that can connect their customers with service providers.

Updater is the leader in providing moving and utility connection services. Ramping up behind them is MooveGuru, followed in a smaller way by Move Easy. In the release below, MooveGuru just announced a $5 million dollar raise on top of the $3.6 million from their earlier round.

WAV Group’s founders are investors in MooveGuru and Updater. We believe that this is an enormous opportunity for our industry to create Client for Life programs. Consumers want home ownership applications that allow them to track and manage their most valuable asset. Today, they can look at their home valuation, but there is no consolidated place for ordering and storing records of home services and improvements or filing and executing transactions as a buyer or seller, etc. Consumers access a bunch of disparate systems being used by the listing and selling agents that mainly go dark after the closing. Real estate agents, brokers, mortgage, title, insurance, and the hundreds of thousands of home service providers need to stay connected to the customer.

The Race is on

NAR consumer satisfaction studies say that consumers are more than 90% likely to use their agent again in a future transaction. Unfortunately, only 1 in 5 actually do. The top reason why consumers do not use their agent again is because they did not stay in touch. This is the problem that these services seek to solve.

With MooveGuru, the entire move and all of the services related to homeownership are in the YourHomeHub portal. From a distribution perspective, MooveGuru is gaining a ton of traction with more than 316,000 agents across over 2,000 brokerages accessing the platform and inviting their customers.

I do not know who is going to win the race. We are investing in all of them. These companies are likely to battle for market share. Milestones is also coming on line with a very competitive product along with some strong partnerships.

The Zillow Risk

Zillow is coming. Zillow also has a major advantage over real estate. Over the decades, they have collected identity information on homeowners. We really do not know what their super app is going to do, but we encourage all brokers to get a strategy with a vendor in place now and tow in their customers.

Congratulations to the MooveGuru team. Keep on crushing it.

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MooveGuru announces equity raise of $5 million

Victorum Capital and two other undisclosed parties invest in fast growing proptech startup; MooveGuru has raised a total of $8.6 million

Atlanta, GA — March 22, 2022A fast growing Atlanta proptech company continues its rapid growth plans: MooveGuru has just closed on $5 million in new equity raised from Victorum Capital and two other undisclosed parties. To date, MooveGuru has raised a total of $8.6 million.

The mover engagement platform MooveGuru, operators of the YourHomeHub and HomeKeepr brands, has been expanding its reach both with consumers and realtors in its network over the last year. 320,000 real estate agents now use MooveGuru and their wholly owned company HomeKeepr. MooveGuru also has exclusives with ERA Real Estate, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Exit Realty, Realty Executives, Vylla, and HomeScout. More than 110,000 Keller Williams agents are on the network. Additionally, MooveGuru has preferred vendor relationships with REMAX and Berkshire Hathaway.

MooveGuru’s owned and managed network of over 350,000 local home professionals are all referred by real estate agents.

“We own our home professionals network and that helps us maintain customer satisfaction with the consumer,” said Scott Oakley, CEO and founder of MooveGuru. “Some other platforms use a third party. Honestly, I wouldn’t want the consumer in the hands of a third party where you cannot control the experience.”

MooveGuru just launched YourHomeHub, an “everything home” platform that allows homeowners to manage both the financial details and physical elements of their home. It includes the most effective features from MooveGuru and HomeKeepr—hundreds of thousands of consumers already trust these solutions for moving and home maintenance—and adds additional functionality to help people manage all parts of their home.

About MooveGuru

MooveGuru Inc. is based in Roswell, GA. In 2016 the company launched a free mover engagement program to real estate agents and brokers with the idea of connecting home buyers and sellers to convenience and savings on moving services. Using just-in-time delivery through artificial intelligence algorithms, MooveGuru Inc. ensures consumers receive agent-branded savings and convenience from national and local retailers and utility connections as they step through the relocation process. Today, more than 2,000 brokerages, 316,000 agents, and millions of homeowners are connected to the MooveGuru and YourHomeHub platforms.

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