One aspect that many of us understand about real estate is that it is like the Hotel California – you can check out, but you can never leave. Two executives that I have long admired in the real estate technology industry are Celeste Starchild and Mark Wise. After building a very successful company with Listhub, they sold the company to MOVE – operators of After a few years, this team moved on and joined iGo under the leadership of CEO John Russell.

WAV Group Ventures made a small private placement in InspectionGo (iGo) to support our friends and push the home inspection ordering and delivering process better.

Today, they launched the iGo Network. It is a national network of home inspectors.


A service that allows anyone (consumers or agents) to go online and book an inspection. They teased out the new brand for this service – iGo Network. The full suite of the service provides a list of primary benefits to home inspectors:

  • iGo Network booking service drives sales
  • Backend software for order management reduces drive time, improving efficiency
  • Manages pricing, payroll, payments, agreements
  • Reporting
  • Communications
  • Marketing – inspectors’ website and mobile experiences

Workflow Integration to your systems.

At WAV Group, we always look at technology as either a vitamin or a painkiller. The #1 challenge that real estate agents express frustration with in closing a sale is the analog inspection process. For the first time, iGo is solving that pain point.

For the automation to work effectively, Mark Wise and his team of merry developers started with building an end-to-end solution through the browser. They made a critical and wise (pun intended) decision to build the application using APIs. The great news about the workflow from iGo is that the service can be completely leveraged through an API call.

The significance of this API support is that iGo can now allow enterprise software to order, manage, and report on inspection orders without leaving their workflow environment. For example, transaction management solutions for real estate and mortgage can order service without logging in to iGo.

Try it now

Follow this link to give iGo a try or email Celeste Starchild for more information.

Please see below for the full press release.



iGo Launches iGo Network: A National Home Inspection Booking Platform

Tyrone, PA – April 5, 2022 – InspectionGo (iGo), provider of technology and services to the home inspection industry, announces the launch of iGo Network, a national platform for real estate agents, consumers, and investors to order home inspections through a digital, but human-enhanced, booking service.

iGo Network was created to make property inspection booking and delivery more accurate and efficient and solves the geographical fragmentation in the inspection industry. For real estate or technology companies seeking inspection services across multiple markets, iGo Network provides a central, digital solution for tapping into reputable inspectors nationwide. Participating inspectors meet ongoing service standards and are committed to maintaining a high bar for E&O and general liability insurance.

“We are excited to launch iGo Network,” said Celeste Starchild, COO of iGo. “The majority of home inspections today are ordered via a 12-minute phone call, making it cumbersome and error prone. We are changing this, and now with a modern national platform, the inspection can be incorporated into a more cohesive and enjoyable consumer journey.”

Every inspection booked through iGo Network comes with a repair estimate report from Repair Pricer – the industry’s most accurate AI-powered home repair cost calculator. With an accuracy rate of 98%, Repair Pricer reduces time and stress associated with gathering repair estimates from contractors during a critical time in the closing process.

“We are thrilled to join forces with iGo to launch iGo Network,” said Christian, co-founder of Repair Pricer. “Agents have been asking us for years for an easy way to book with inspectors that will provide them with Repair Pricer reports as standard. iGo Network not only meets this demand, but it brings best-in-class tools and services together to deliver a game changing experience for the industry as a whole.”

Inspection companies gained advance access to join the iGo Network at iGo’s annual conference in February, where more than 400 inspectors signed up for the platform. With dozens of market-leading multi-inspector firms participating at launch, iGo Network is positioned to bring a higher level of professionalism and standards to the industry.

For inspectors, iGo Network provides a source of new business without compromising control and confidentiality of their client data. “The inspection industry needs a trusted partner to meet the opportunities of the future. I believe that partner is iGo, and Axium Inspections is proud to be a founding member of the iGo Network,” said Wade Williamson, CEO of Axium Inspections.

Order a home inspection through the iGo Network at For inspection companies interested in joining iGo Network, visit

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About InspectionGo (iGo)

iGo, is a leading provider of technology and services for the home inspection industry. iGo’s vision is to empower home owners and their agents with professional, digitally driven home inspection services and actionable insights about their homes, making home ownership more joyful. Based in Tyrone, PA, iGo also operates iGo Community, the nation’s largest business coaching group for inspection company owners, iGo Academy, the gold standard for home inspector education in 17 states, and iGo Booking, the nation’s foremost home inspection booking service.

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About Repair Pricer

Repair Pricer is an AI-powered repair estimator that can turn any inspection report into a highly accurate fully-interactive repair estimate. The buyer’s agent receives this report, with the option to modify the final display for their buyer. Customizable, universal, automated and secure, Repair Pricer is demanded by real estate professionals and investors nationwide.

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