RealMLS in Jacksonville, Florida has diversified its revenue generation opportunities by operating a Market Stats division that serves not only residential real estate, but the entire real estate ecosystem. They have leveraged their MLS data expertise into an entirely new business. Today, the company is announcing their new General Manager to run their Metro Market Trends division, Jennifer Tossavainen. Jennifer has a depth of the practical applications of real estate data from her operations leadership roles at multiple brokerages and operations leadership expertise from several roles in real estate mortgage, commercial loans and property management.  It’s great to have someone in the MLS ranks with such a well-rounded background and diversity of perspectives. She will undoubtedly help Metro Market Trends grow and lend her breadth of expertise to RealMLS too.

Congrats to Nicole Jensen and her team for a great hire!  I love to see companies we have supported over the years make great strides forward!


See Full Press Release Below:

Metro Market Trends hires industry leader Jennifer Tossavainen as General Manager

Jacksonville, Florida, May 16, 2022 – Metro Market Trends (MMT), provider of SearchNet, a powerful researchplatform that provides accurate, current, and comprehensive real estate data announced today it has named Jennifer Tossavainen as its new General Manager.

Tossavainen joins MMT from her previous positions as Chief Financial Officer and Regional Broker Manager with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty. Tossavainen is an experienced sales and finance professional whothrives on building systems to better manage operations, increase market share, analyze results and grow profit. Jennifer is recognized for her collaborative approach and dedication to innovative solutions that result in operational growth.

“I am very excited to share my passion for defining strategic plans and implementing management systemsalongside the leadership group at MMT. Opportunities to leverage real estate data continue to evolve across a widevariety of industries and I believe that MMT is well positioned to take advantage of those opportunities,” said Tossavainen.

“We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to hire the perfect person for a key role at Metro Market Trends,” said Nicole Jensen, CEO, MMT and realMLS (MMT’s parent company). “Jennifer has the experience and expertknowledge in several areas which lend themselves well to the lead role at MMT. I look forward to working closely with her to strategically advance MMT to its fullest potential.”

As General Manager, Tossavainen will partner with existing staff in continuing to improve the tools and functionality of SearchNet, along with creating efficiencies in curating property ownership records and sales transaction information to provide reliable data to the real estate industry including brokers, appraisers, builders, developers, financial entities, and related industries.

Tossavainen will assist with the transition of her current role into July and will then begin her new role with MMT beginning mid-July.

About MMT

 Since 1990, Metro Market Trends, Inc. (MMT) has been a leading provider of real estate sales and tracking, marketshare reporting, and analytical information for Florida and parts of South Alabama. The company provides sales and foreclosure data on listed and unlisted property, new and existing condominiums, single family homes, construction loans, lots and land, non-residential land, and commercial real estate.

 MMT’s propriety software, SearchNet, is a powerful research platform offering insight into extensive information and pertinent real estate data for all business applications. Detailed market trend reports are available for lenders, closing agents, builders and real estate related professionals providing in-depth analysis of activity related to their fields. MMT also offers custom services such as unique data searches including parcel and property data as well as economic and demographic analysis and market research for a variety of industries.

 MMT is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northeast Florida MLS, Inc., operating as realMLS, and is headquartered in Jacksonville with their operations center in Pensacola, FL. Thousands of professionals utilize their servicesaccessing the most up-to-date, accurate, and reliable real estate information for the state of Florida.


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