When we launched the WAV Group Customer Experience Index for MLS late last year, we were excited by all the insights and trends we knew this valuable program would uncover.

The participating MLSs supporting hundreds of thousands of agents are now armed with customer-centric insights they can use to make their 2023 strategic planning efforts more targeted and actionable.Training Engagement

We have learned that participation in training has a major impact on overall subscriber satisfaction. Analysis revealed that those that attend MLS training registered higher satisfaction across the board. Unfortunately, participation in training nationally was only 28% on average. There are many ways to make training more interesting to subscribers and participants.

So, what are you doing in your market to increase participation in training? In Greater Southern MLS, for example, WAV Group built new training collateral to drive home the value of training to the agents, brokers and even appraisers who need to attend. Helping your target audience understand the why first is the only way to convince them they need to know the how and come to the training.

Already this subtle, yet concentrated shift in messaging has driven 600% MoM growth in attendance for online and in-person training events at Greater Southern MLS. Your training team works hard and provides valuable information—make sure you are supporting their efforts by telling your subscribers WHY they should come and check it out.

For more insights like these, and to get your organizations ready for the 2023 goal setting season, check out the Customer Experience Index for yourself.