The Keller Williams GO Network is among the largest franchisees at Keller Williams. They operate in multiple states with more than 4500 agents selling over $13 Billion in volume over 37,000 transactions. In my experience, the one undeniable superpower of the Keller Williams brand is training. Undoubtedly, Keller Williams emphasizes training, and the GO Network has taken education of their agents to the next level.

Today, the real estate agent is recovering from the exhaustion brought by the booming housing market in 2020 and 2021, where the relationship between an agent and buyers or sellers only lasted a week. Offers were being managed and closed at a pace that is rarely seen in a real estate career. For the GO Network, the training didn’t stop or slow down. They elevated the content and attendance continues to increase.

KW GO training calendarAll 14 locations, 10 in North Texas, three in New Mexico, and one in Memphis, have in-person, live training with additional virtual options as well. The GO Network has focused on getting “Back to the Basics” of real estate. Here is a snapshot of their October 2022 training calendar.  These are just a few of the offerings agents can choose to attend – Getting Started, Habits of Successful Agents, Building Your Unique Value Proposition, Becoming A Local Expert, Working Your Database, FSBOs, Lead

Generation with Social Media, Working with Expired Listings, Working with Sellers and Buyers, Finding Market Value, Moving Forward to Your Big Life, KW and GO specific Technology classes. This standard training calendar then gets “plussed” as each Market Center location adds their specific training offerings. Classes continue to change with the shifting market to ensure their agents are ready to be the best advocate for their clients that they can be.

The GO Network also hosts a weekly Industry Update and a weekly Broker Chat to discuss the most important information for the agents to know in this ever-changing market, keeping them aware and ahead of the changes to best serve their clients.

High Points

  • Consistent – It happens every month, and 5 days a week.
  • Comprehensive – Covers almost everything you need to know as an agent.
  • Your Choice – These virtual classes are also hosted inside the offices to help build the agent community so agents can pick what is right for them and their business.

While Keller Williams is not the only company focused on training, they do happen to be revered by many, to be the leader in education and training in the real estate industry. We have seen extraordinary training programs across firms active in The Realty Alliance, the Broker Resource Network, and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. Training programs like these mentioned aim to deliver results at improving sales performance, improving recruiting, and stimulating merger activities with smaller firms that do not have the staff or organizational structure to deliver high levels of training.

Being a leader in training means you’re able to attract high-energy, new talent. It means raising the leadership lid of existing agents, and lending support to struggling agents to put them on a path to succeed.

Thanks to Smokey Garrett and the folks at GO Network for sharing.