As the real estate industry focuses on client-for-life solutions, one emerging company that has joined MoveEasy and MooveGuru is Milestones. In a short time since their completion of their $10.3 million raise in July, they have grown their subscriber count beyond 250,000 users. They are currently waiving set up fees for brokers who would like to consider the solution.

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AUSTIN, Tex. – December 8, 2022 Milestones (, the all-in-one homeowner portal making it easier for consumers to buy, move, own, sell, manage and access mortgage services for their home, today announced that their product is now licensed to 250,000 real estate agents and loan officers, and their customers.

Milestones uniquely partners with real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, title companies, franchises, Realtor associations, and multiple listing services to offer the service to agents to better serve their clients. “Offering excellent technology tools and marketing support for our agents has allowed our firm to outperform the marketplace in the competitive landscape of Orange County, California,” says Michael Hickman, CEO of Seven Gables Real Estate. “The one missing piece in the technology stack of all brokers is to deliver a collaboration platform that combines the real estate agent, loan officer, and title company together to serve the client during the buy-sell-transact and move process. Milestones wins, where transaction management solutions fail. Beyond the transaction, Milestones keeps this team together to support the homeowner with maintaining their home over the ownership period. We have had separate software applications to do each of these things, but now they have been synthesized into a single, elegant, and remarkable platform that customers love.”

Milestones is the first technology firm to deliver a homeownership portal similar to consumer offerings in healthcare, personal finance, and education. Milestones monitors the value of your home, provides search for homes for sale, and manages both the selling and mortgage processes. Most of all, Milestones allows agents to stick with their client after the sale to update the homeowner on nearby listings and sales that impact the value of their home. The loan officer joins the agent in the portal to deliver home value estimates and monitor the interest rates on their home to ensure they have the best terms and access to home equity. The title and transaction records are stored in Milestones for easy access. Best of all, if the client needs maintenance or repairs on their home, they have access to the service providers recommended by the broker, agent, and loan officer along with a directory.

Homeowners are only going to need one portal or “hub” to manage their home, just like consumers need only one to manage their health. This, along with Zillow’s planned “super app”, designed to steal the consumer’s eyes away from the Realtor or Loan Officer, is causing the increase in demand for companies to get Milestones implemented for their agents and loan officers quickly.

“We invested three and a half years in stealth mode building Milestones before we showed it to anyone,” says CEO Dustin Gray. “In July of this year, we closed our $10.3 million Series A investment round to fund our go to market strategy and were able to bring on two key executives in Mike Malinowski as our COO and Ashley Terrell as our Chief Revenue Officer. The two deserve a lot of the credit in getting us to 250,000 subscribers in less than 160 days. This may be a high watermark for adoption in the real estate and mortgage software industry.”

Milestones is offering a promotion in December for teams, brokers, and mortgage lenders where they are covering all white label and licensing costs through Q1. To take advantage of the promotion, please send an email to Ashley Terrell for more information.

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Watch this introductory video to Milestones by CEO, Dustin Gray.


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Milestones is a customer-for-life experience platform for buying, selling, and managing home ownership – provided to consumers by professionals in real estate, mortgage, insurance, and title. The integrated and open platform creates private personalized client portals where agents can stay connected, educate, and create value at every stage of the homeowner journey.

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