Last week, the Broker Resource Network hosted a webinar for their members to discuss an emerging topic in real estate called Homeowners Under Management. It is a different perspective on how firms, teams, and agents approach client relationship management, and it marks a sea change in thinking that WAV Group believes is very important for the future of our industry. Zillow came out and announced the “super app” before it is built or released – and it sent brokers and their technology partners into the workshop to craft a super app of their own.

BRN webinar panel

Today, super apps are live and implemented. The webinar shared below gets the perspective from Mike Hickman, broker of Seven Gables real estate in the highly competitive market of southern California who has deployed a super app at his firm. Joining Hickman is Lacey Conway of the multi-state independent firm Latter and Blum operating across the southern states from Louisiana to Texas. She shares the values that the super app will have not only for real estate, but her affiliated companies in mortgage, insurance, and more. The webinar is moderated by WAV Group’s Mark McLaughlin, along side is Milestones Chief Revenue Officer, Ashley Terrell.

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Please enjoy the recording below.