The Search Committee for Maine Listings went through an exhaustive search and due diligence process to identify several qualified candidates. Ultimately, they chose Denise Libby, the organization’s current Chief Operating Officer to take the organization to its next level of growth and relevance.  Maine Listings is one of the most highly rated MLSs in the country according, to the WAV Group Customer Experience Index. Denise is perfectly suited to build on all the great work that has been implemented to date.

We at WAV Group are proud to say we helped Maine Listings identify and hire their next CEO.  Denise Libby

Denise has a long history of delivering breakthrough thinking and technology innovation. She is a very strong leader and coach, with an effective leadership style that gets results!

And for those that are wondering, Denise Libby is NOT the daughter of Cathy Libby, the current CEO. She is not related at all.

Speaking of Cathy Libby, we must all celebrate the amazing leadership and results she has brought to Maine Listings. A humble leader that delivers customer-centric services on a daily basis. We’re going to miss you a lot Cathy! You’re one of a kind!

Congrats again to Denise! We can’t wait to see what exciting and innovative ways you are going to continue to deepen the value that Maine Listings delivers to its customers!

See the full press release below:

 Maine Listings Names Denise Libby as Their New Chief Executive Officer

Maine Listings, a statewide MLS serving approximately 6,800 real estate professionals in Maine, announced today it has named Denise Libby as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Mrs. Libby originally joined Maine Listings in 1995 and has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Maine Listings for the past five years.

Peter Harrington, 2023 Maine Listings President states, “Denise is part of the next generation of leaders bringing ideas and programs that will help MLSs become the most efficient, customer-centric organizations they can be. We ultimately chose Denise because we believe her leadership style is a great cultural fit for our organization. She is a strong leader that will continue to advance Maine Listings’ goal to meet and exceed the needs of our members.  Her passion, combined with her customer-centric focus, strong work ethic, and depth of knowledge of all things MLS will serve Maine Listings well into the future.”

“I am honored to be named as the next Chief Executive Officer of Maine Listings. I am excited to bring my passion, knowledge, and leadership skills to an already strong organization,” Mrs. Libby said. “Together with this talented team, Maine Listings will continue to find innovative ways that serves our members well into the future.”

Denise will succeed Cathy Libby (no relation to Denise) on July 14, 2023, who is retiring after 24 years of service at Maine Listings.

About Maine Listings

Maine Listings is a statewide MLS serving over 6,800 real estate professionals. Maine Real Estate Information System, Inc. (d/b/a Maine Listings) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Maine Association of REALTORS® and has been incorporated since 1994.

Maine Listings is a service-centric and innovative Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that believes in maintaining a technologically superior statewide real estate information system that meets the emerging needs of the real estate brokerage industry and positions their members to be the primary providers of information pertinent to real estate transactions. They provide accurate, complete, and timely data to support collaboration and deliver value that empowers their members to succeed in the marketplace.

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