The ultimate “green” closing gift – The Wattson

Wouldnt it be great if you would provide your clients with a closing gift that just keeps on giving? Check out the new Wattson. http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/004115.html This cool new device allows your clients to monitor the energy usage of everything that is plugged in in their home.  It will tell them when an old refrigerator is eating up too much energy and needs to be tossed. It will tell them that their daughter has her cell phone charger plugged in even though she is away at college. Hey, and it might be time to turn off the hot tub since there [...]

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Real Estate Advertising needs to shift online TODAY.

Real Estate brokers and agents should have their 2009 Marketing plans neatly constructed by now.  Unfortunately, it has not happened.  Over the past few weeks I did a phone poll of 25 marketing directors of large brokerages across the United States to learn what they have in store for 2009.  Here is what I learned. 1.    Very few campaigns will be flighted until February. 2.    Newspaper open houses are still the focus In other words, the only strategy that is changing for brokers in 2009 seems to be doing less than before.  This is tragic - because the consumer is [...]

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Memo to GE Supra, Ditch the Palm Treo – its days are numbered.

I switched from Blackberry to Palm when the Treo came out, and used the Treo (really, 8 replacement phones) for three years before moving to the iPhone.   I had my reasons - principally the top 10 reasons were the 10 people who reported into me, coupled with communications with the executive team during a three-year project.  The company also had a relationship with Verizon, CRM integration, etc.  When you have everything tied into one mobile platform - best bet is to stick with it, right? For real estate, it is time to let go! The treo is large and clunky - but [...]

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Is the Future of MLS about Collaborative Browsing? Enjoy these comments from MRIS CEO David Charron

David Charron has always been an industry visionary and leader through every step in his storied career.  Today he continues the implementation of his vision as CEO of America's Largest MLS - MRIS. His vision for the future of the MLS is an environment where Agents and Consumers can connect with each other to have discussions about properties, values, neighborhoods and all things real estate.  Enjoy this brief interview courtesy of Inman News. I will be moderating a panel discussion at Inman in January titled MLS 2014 - 5 things to do right now to get ready.  Here are the [...]

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IMapp preparing for future growth

IMapp recently announced several moves to position the company for future growth. Joel Cohen has been promoted to President, Kevan Sheridan was promoted to VP of Systems Operations and Pat Bastian was promoted to Vice President of Data Operations. Former President Bill Rovillo now maintains the position of Founder/CEO. Joel Cohen joined IMAPP in September, 2008 having most recently served as the Mid-Florida Regional MLSs Vice President, overseeing their day-to-day operations for the past nine years.  Joel will now oversee IMAPPs daily operations and future endeavors. “Im excited to have the opportunity to help lead the IMAPP organization into the future” says [...]

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WAV Group gives donation to Feeding America

More than ever, we have much to be thankful for during this holiday season.  The WAV Group is especially grateful for the confidence that our clients have placed in us as consultants. Although our tradition in America is to send a gift basket and a card, this holiday season is different.  Our industries and the citizens of our country are facing one of the most difficult periods of a lifetime. This year, WAV Group has chosen to make a charitable donation to Feeding America on behalf of our clients.  In choosing Feeding America, we reviewed many options on the basis of [...]

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Victor Lund

Victor Lund is a founding partner of WAV Group - facilitated by the merger between Wilson Victor Associates and Audet Consulting in May 2004.  Wilson Victor Associates was a leading technology and business-consulting firm serving their clients in the areas of new business development and new product development, marketing and venture funding.  Prior to Wilson Victor Associates, Mr. Lund was an associate partner with Resource Capitalist, LLC.  Mr. Lund was raised in family controlled businesses, Lund American and Dynamic Homes. Lund American, the world’s premier aluminum boat manufacturer. Today Mr. Lund is an active author or co-author of many white papers [...]

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Better Homes and Gardens adds Ventura Barnett Properties to their distinguished list of Franchises

“Our affiliation with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate was a unique opportunity to enhance our service offerings with cutting-edge technology and a brand with a strong history,” said Tony Ventura, broker/owner, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Ventura Barnett Properties. “In a region made up of clients who expect a certain level of attention, this strategic relationship will allow us to deliver beyond that expectation, while serving as a catalyst for our company’s growth throughout the valley.” As part of the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate franchise system, sales associates with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Ventura Barnett [...]

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Listhub from Threewide updates reporting features for Listing Syndication measurement

Real Estate Brokers, Agents and MLSs who use the Listhub product from Threewide saw Christmas come early this year.  Now for the first time, users of this listing syndication tool can see what properties are hot - and which are not. With their new reporting and performance tools, Listhub now offers granular information about property characteristics that are important to consumers - hot price points, popular number of bedrooms, areas of town and more. The best feature of Listhub has always been their aggregated reporting.  They combine information from all of the sites that they syndicate listing to, including but not [...]

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Top 10 Real Estate Newsmakers Released

  Stephan Swanepoel has just released this year's top 10 real estate newsmakers list.  The list includes several federal government leaders as well as noted industry leaders like Saul Klein, CEO of Point2Technologies and Internet Crusade as well we William Foley, Founder of Fidelity Natiional Financial and Laure Janik, General Counsel for the National Association of REALTORS®. This years report also includes United States Secretary of State, Henry Paulsen, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Ben Bernanke, General Counsel for the National , Laurie Janik, CEO of the Bank of America, Kenneth Lewis, and Chairman of the Federal Deposit [...]

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