In real estate, QSC is the leader in Agent Ratings, but today, Facebook is raising the bar and having an impact on the online reputation of agents and brokers.

Facebook is big, really big. In fact, it is the most heavily trafficked website in America. It is bigger than Google! And it has an impact on your broker and agent brand – especially if you do not have a facebook page.

Although Google is the leader in search, Facebook is catching up and they have partnered with Microsoft Bing to deliver search results that are informed by your friends. When you search for stuff on Bing, pages that your friends like appear in the search results. This is likely to play a role in the online reputation of agents and brokers. Let me explain how.

In real estate, consumers are in the habit of searching for background information on their agent and broker. They use popular search engines like Bing and look for information about that agent or broker.

If that consumer is a user of Facebook, they will be able to see if a Facebook friend of theirs “Likes” the broker or agent they are searching for. In the video below, I show how a consumer who is moving to Pittsburgh might look up information about a broker like Howard Hanna. Take a close look at the search results and you will see that the search results tells me how many people “Like” Howard Hanna on Facebook and it will also display the information about people that I know who “Like” Howard Hanna.

If you need another reason to build a facebook page, or to put time into managing and maintaining your facebook page – here you go