Pacific Union International Christie's Great Estates Logos Pacific Union International is proud to announce the arrival of CC Holland as Vice President, Digital Marketing. CC is recognized as one of the premier brand and content strategy marketing executives in the San Francisco Bay Area. “We outlined our digital media strategy last Fall and we will now begin to execute. Our confidence in our business strategies, marketing platform, CC Holland and this new digital media initiative should help to provide for exceptional performance in 2012.”

CC Holland joins PUI with an extraordinary content strategy background and an intense familiarity with how to use content strategy to complement and leverage brand strategy. CC’s professional experience began in digital journalism as Managing Editor, Online News at and then as a Managing Editor at CNET and ZDNet. Over the past five years CC has been a Senior Content Strategist in both direct and consultative roles at Cisco Systems, Inc., Kaiser Permanente and

“CC will be directly responsible for developing our strategic and tactical plan to fulfill our vision for hyper-local, relevant real estate news and lifestyle stories throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.” CC’s first day with PUI will be Monday, January 9th.  CC lives in the East Bay and will office in Montclair. Her e-mail address is live at In true PUI form, CC will jump the red-eyeMonday night to NYC and attend Inman’s Real Estate Connect 2012 and visit with Christie’s International.