Future of Real Estate Industry Shifting Forward The real estate industry is going through a number of significant “shifts” today that will change the way our industry operates in the future.  These shifts are the result of natural pressures building up.  The pressure occurs slowly over time but when it reaches a critical point change has to happen and we believe we are seeing this on a number of fronts in our industry today.  Mike Audet, founding partner of WAV Group, will be the keynote speaker at the Michigan Association of REALTORS® “Broker Summit” event being held in Detroit, Michigan on April 25th.  Mike will talk about these key shifts that are occurring in our industry that will shape our businesses dramatically in the coming years as well as key threats and opportunities we face looking forward.

The full day Broker Summit event offers member brokers a chance to hear industry speakers, attend general knowledge sessions and take part in a variety of networking events to help energize their businesses.

Mike’s talk on the “Future of the Industry”  will explore the changes in the Broker/Agent relationship and how this is causing a shift in real estate technology and what Brokers need to deliver to be competitive.  Mike will also discuss the consumer’s role in real estate today and their changing role in the buy/sell relationship.  Technology has changed the rules for consumers and REALTORS® and brokers and agents need to understand what this means for their business.  Finally, Mike will talk about the world of syndication, 3rd party portals and other risks we face in our industry as well as opportunities we have to make the role of the REALTOR® stronger than ever in the real estate transaction.

If your organization or company would like more information on WAV Group services or would like to invite us to speak at your industry or company events please contact us at 716-839-4628, or email us at mike@wavgroup.com.