Marketlinx launches Mobile with Search and Edit

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CoreLogic MarketLinx Logo Somehow, we missed a memo. With very little fanfare or promotion, Marketlinx has launched their mobile solution and it claims to do most of the things that WAV Group claimed many MLS apps fell short on. We have had a lot of debates about MLS mobile applications. Some of us believe that it should be a fully featured MLS experience – allowing users to do any task on mobile that they could do on a desk top. Critics of this belief claim that adding a listing on mobile is absurd. I would concede that for now. But all pundits agree that the ability to edit a listing and access the client portal are basic requirements. Today, Marketlinx claims to have that functionality ready to roll. Here is an extensive overview from the Marketlinx website.

Mobile Search and Edit from CoreLogic® allows members to access MLS listings on their web-enabled iPad™ tablets and smart phones that use the Windows® Mobile, Apple® iPhone®, Android™, Palm® and BlackBerry® operating systems.

Members can use our wireless solution to edit their listings directly from a mobile handheld device. Changing a listing price or status, extending an expiration date, or scheduling an open house on the go has never been easier.

► Automatic device detection that gives iPad® users a tablet-optimized interface and smartphone users a compact and smartphone-optimized interface
► Hotsheet
► Listing cart
► Integrated maps
► Edit your inventory (change price, withdraw listing, close listing, place pending contract, schedule open house, extend listing expiration date, etc.)
► Access client, agent and office data for important contact information
► View full color property photos
► E-mail listing reports to prospects and clients
► Mortgage calculator
► Open house quick view


  1. Angie Vandenbergh May 25, 2012 at 5:03 am - Reply

    I have seen this announcement from one of our mls’s that uses marketlinx. I think it is about time. Seems like they’ve had an IE only restriction in place for a long time. But sometimes I think the focus for the consumer experience is forgotten. Hopefully that will be coming soon too. There are a lot of agents who sign up their customers for automated updates from the mls and/or email reports and the consumers still don’t have a mobile friendly view. Not even a mobile site option there. You have to try and view the desktop version and zoom in out and around.

  2. Marilyn Wilson May 25, 2012 at 7:39 am - Reply

    I am SO excited to hear about this announcement. This approach is exactly what agents are asking for today.. In the past few months one of the key takeaways from every MLS satisfaction survey we have completed centered around the capability to edit a listing from an IPad. For the first time in a long time, agents are ahead of the MLS in their demands for new technology…great job coreLogic….can you use this mobile app even if you’re NOT using any coreLogic MLS systems?

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