Top 5 Articles of the week

As you may or may not know, RE Technology was founded by the WAV Group partners to support the role of MLSs and Associations in delivering a wide array of information and education about real estate technology. On May 5th, the company turns three years old! Since 2011, we have been able to deliver over 100,000 pages of valuable information that helps practitioners learn about technology and the companies that provide technology services to power their business.  Each week, RE Technology sends a report to more than 4500 executives and staff of the nations MLSs and Associations of REALTORS® offering the most read articles. It keeps them sharp on the currency of information that is most relevant to the 250,000 weekly readers that pour over our editorial. You will find those top 5 articles below.

If you do not have an RE Technology account. Reach out to Victor Lund. You will need a username and password to access the site if you are not affiliated with one of the 87 MLS and 260 Associations of REALTORS® that provide this service as a member benefit.

My brief take away from this weeks’ top articles.

  • DocuSign as emerged from an ingredient brand to a leading brand in the industry and they are parlaying dominance and brand into transaction management. The acquisition of CARTAVI brought them an agent transaction management solution and a talented team of developers and project managers who have an intense passion for the category. Everyone is keeping a sharp eye on them and this webinar will be the first look that many will have on their enterprise Transaction Management Solution for brokers.
  • The article about Jump starting your listing inventory was contributed to RE Technology by the Point2 division of Yardi. Point2 does a great job of edutizing – providing valuable content to agents and brokers that warms up their brand. It is a smart marketing strategy and keeps them sharp on what REALTORS® are interested in – which is more listings.
  • The Listhub article about listing presentations helps agents get the value they need by understanding listing syndication more fully, and learning how to articulate the strategy to sellers.
  • Mike Audet’s article about a top producing agent who used CRM to take his business to another level is a great read. CRM solution are underutilized by sales people in real estate. Those who do adopt CRM tend to advance at a faster page because they are always tuned to managing their sales funnel from top to bottom. Plan your work, work your plan.
  • The RPR article does an excellent job of telling a real story about how a broker is leveraging that NAR benefit to raise his knowledge and expertise in real estate. It is a terrific read.

We will continue to provide a summary of the top 5 articles for your pleasure. Again – reach out to Victor Lund if you need an account.

Webinar: Brokers: Accelerate Your Business with DocuSign for Real Estate

Learn how DocuSign for Brokers can provide you with a powerful platform for managing all digital transactions across your business. It’s a simple, self-configurable system that allows you to support your team and agents more efficiently today, and as your business grows.LearnMoreButton


How to Jump Start Your Listing Inventory

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Top 10 Tips to Win the Listing at Your Next Listing Presentation Appointment

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How a Top Agent Goes to the Next Level

Justin Havre is hugely successful and ranks at the top of sales year after year in his markets. Yet the first thing he told me in this follow-up interview was that shortly after our first interview, he ripped his business apart and re-invented himself and his his team. Here’s why. LearnMoreButton


Building Trust and Business with RPR®

We spoke with Garnett Sailor to learn how he leverages RPR®. In addition to working as a real estate broker, Garnett also runs a note investing business. “Oftentimes, the notes I’m considering are for properties in areas I’ve never visited,” he says. “when that’s the case, RPR® is my first – and only – ‘boots on the ground.'” LearnMoreButton