Top 5 Articles of the weekHow to Market Yourself on Facebook WITHOUT Annoying Your Family

Learn from special guest Realtor® Shaun Nilsson as he diagrams his time-saving formula for attracting tons of clients through social media whole completely avoiding annoying your friends and contacts. We’ll show you exactly how to close more real estate commissions right now – using only your Facebook – while effortlessly projecting the confident business savvy of a seasoned professional. PLUS you’ll learn how to outsource your online marketing to others and avoid wasting even one more minute of your valuable time each day on it!  LearnMoreButton

4 Great Mobile Apps to Help Real Estate Agents Succeed

The power of the World Wide Web is now as portable as a a pocket watch, and this is changing the way real estate is bought and sold. How can you keep up? Here are a number of tools that may help you become a more productive and successful agent.LearnMoreButton

5 Things That Should Not Be on Your Real Estate Website

Does your website feature your entire life story in one massive, typo-riddled paragraph? Is there – *gulp* – background music playing? If so, consider this article an intervention!LearnMoreButton

The Hottest Tech of 2014

NAR REach’s class of 2014 debuted at NAR Midyear this week. Meet the 8 companies who are on deck to shake up the real estate tech scene this year!LearnMoreButton

Krisstina Wise: The Birth of a Brand

Krisstina Wise is the powerhouse behind GoodLife Realty, a brokerage that has redefined tech savvy and company culture. But you probably haven’t seen much of Krisstina in the last year … because she almost died. What could have been the end of her career (and possibly her life) actually became the start of something wonderful.LearnMoreButton