Top 5 Articles of the week Beating Zillow at Their Own Game

What if I told you that just about everything you find unfair about the way Zillow and Trulia display your listings can be changed? Guess what? An insider understanding of how these sites work has allowed thousands of listing agents to get hundreds of dollars worth of free marketing on these sites without paying a dime.



What is Email Drip Marketing?

Chinese water torture is a way to drive someone insane by slowly dripping water on the person’s forehead. Drop email marketing is a communication strategy that slowly drips email messages to prospects’ inboxes over time. Folks on the receiving end of either may feel tortured. But there is a positive way to drip that may be welcomed by the recipient.  LearnMoreButton


WordPress Basics for Agents

Industry superstars like Nicole Nicolay have made WordPress a familiar term for most real estate agents. The price tag – a big, fat ZERO – has undeniable appeal for many agents. If you’re considering a WordPress site, there are many factors you’ll need to investiage. Today, I’m going to look at only two of the most important.LearnMoreButton


The Biggest Marketing Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

After seeing a study on the biggest mistakes companies make with their consumers, couldn’t help wondering how many real estate agents were making these mistakes. And then I had an epiphany – most of these mistakaes could be avoided quite simply, by leveraging the right technology.LearnMoreButton


5 Reasons Electronically Signed Documents Might Just be Better than pen-and-ink

Signing documents electronically is a necessity–a form becomes a living, breathing document when it’s signed. We’ve got some great reasoning to back up our position. Here are five of the best.LearnMoreButton