Top 5 Articles of the week

WAV Group partners, Mike Audet, Marilyn Wilson, and Victor Lund are founders of RE Technology and Today that site reaches 750,000 real estate agents and brokers though partnerships with more than 90 MLSs who deliver subscriptions to RE Technology as a member benefit.

Each week, RE Technology publishes a notification to MLSs that lists the top 5 most heavily viewed articles of the week. This list goes out to our MLS partners who may, in turn, republish the articles in their own newsletter, blog, or develop content ideas for their training or communications programs. Below is the RE Technology Top 5 Articles for last week.


How to Market Yourself on Facebook WITHOUT Annoying Your Family

Learn from special guest Realtor® Shaun Nilsson as he diagrams his time-saving formula for attracting tons of clients through social media whole completely avoiding annoying your friends and contacts. We’ll show you exactly how to close more real estate commissions right now – using only your Facebook – while effortlessly projecting the confident business savvy of a seasoned professional. PLUS you’ll learn how to outsource your online marketing to others and avoid wasting even one more minute of your valuable time each day on it! LearnMoreButton

The Home Across the Street is NOT a Palace

If you post misleading pictures on the MLS, does it actually offer any benefit to you or your clients?LearnMoreButton

3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Mac

The most important factor in maintaining any computer and keeping it running efficiently is proper maintenance. Fortunately, Mac computers are very easy to maintain and keep organized since everything is stored under a central user library. Here are three easy tips to get optimal performance from your Mac.LearnMoreButton

The Case for Shooting Your Own Real Estate Videos

You know your clients better than anyone else. You know exactly what they’re looking for and how best to present it to them. Why waste your time teaching the stuff to a videographer who’s just trying to get your project off his/her plate?LearnMoreButton

Do Luxury Clients Prefer iPhones?

A new study shows that iPhones dominate in more affluent areas. That got us thinking–what else do luxury consumers prefer and which are the best channels to reach them? It’s (surprise!) not what you’d think.LearnMoreButton