Top 5 Articles of the weekWAV Group partners, Mike Audet, Marilyn Wilson, and Victor Lund are founders of RE Technology and Today that site reaches 750,000 real estate agents and brokers though partnerships with more than 90 MLSs who deliver subscriptions to RE Technology as a member benefit.

Each week, RE Technology publishes a notification to MLSs that lists the top 5 most heavily viewed articles of the week. This list goes out to our MLS partners who may, in turn, republish the articles in their own newsletter, blog, or develop content ideas for their training or communications programs. Below is the RE Technology Top 5 Articles for last week.

iPad Listing Presentations

Heading to a listing presentation with MLS printouts? Think again! Technology moves fast and your clients are expecting you to keep up. Find out how easy it is to create a complete iPad Listing Presentation (for use on any tablet) with Cloud CMA. You’ll also learn techniques for using your tablet at a listing presentation to keep your clients engaged, excited, and ready to sign on the dotted line with you! With Cloud CMA, it’s easy to swipe, tap, and pinch your way to real estate success!



Photos too large for upload? Take these simple steps to resize them.

Many Realtors® upload photos to their MLS and other real estate web sites. Photos that are taken at a high resolution (high quality) save as large files; sometimes, too large for upload to those web sites. We receive a lot of calls asking for assistance resizing photos when the file size is above the website’s limit. Below are simple steps for both Window and Mac users.



iPad Apps to Use at Your Next Listing Presentation 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from talking to agents every day, it’s that they REALLY love their iPads. It’s no wonder. These portable beauties are fantastic for conducting business on the go (and stylishly, we might add).



4 Stealthy Ways to Monitor the Competition

By “listening” in on your competition, you can get a better idea of who they’re doing business with, how they’re marketing themselves, and what others are saying about them. If you want to keep your sleuthing on the down low, there are plenty of easy ways to do that. Here are four.



Why You Should Close the Window on Internet Explorer

Even though Internet Explorer has been the go-to choice year after year, things have changed. As recently as April, the United States government warned US citizens to stop using Internet Explorer because of security breaches. Learn why choosing another Internet browser is your best bet.