Top 5 Articles of the week

WAV Group partners, Mike Audet, Marilyn Wilson, and Victor Lund are founders of RE Technology and Today that site reaches 750,000 real estate agents and brokers through partnerships with more than 90 MLSs who deliver subscriptions to RE Technology as a member benefit.

Each week, RE Technology publishes a notification to MLSs that lists the top 5 most heavily viewed articles of the week. This list goes out to our MLS partners who may, in turn, republish the articles in their own newsletter, blog, or develop content ideas for their training or communications programs. Below is the RE Technology Top 5 Articles for last week.


Five Requirements for Your Laptop 

We receive a lot of calls from people experiencing a low performance from their laptops. The questions most asked are, “Why is it running slow?” and “How do I know what laptop to buy?” In this article, I will discuss five important things for the performance of a laptop.



What’s a DDoS Attack?‘s website went down Tuesday, thanks to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. It’s the latest in a string of recent DDoS attacks across the Internet. Here, we’ll examine what a DDoS is and how you can protect yourself.



Video: iPad Listing Presentations

Earlier this week, we teamed up with Realtor Jeremy Lehman and Cloud CMA for a live demonstration on creating iPad presentations that win the listing. Watch our video recording for tips and tricks on creating your own killer listing presentation.



Headshot and Video Style Tips for Real Estate Agents

Appearing polished in your headshots and video-marketing materials goes beyond vanity – it is how potential clients will perceive you. Follow these on-camera tips to elevate the professionalism of your branding materials.



Why Email Marketing is Different for Real Estate Agents

Most salespeople are showcasing products that can be bought online with quick decisions and a few clicks. The real estate sale process can take months, and the ability of real estate agents to relate to their customers during the entire “thinking phase” is integral to the success of the conversion.