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Our industry is moving really quickly these days.  There are so many challenges facing MLSs today threatening the viability of the entire industry!  Lawsuits, new players, technology revolutions, economic shifts….It is difficult and expensive to keep MLS leadership teams up to speed on the myriad of events, trends policies and legal issues and research affecting the business. MLS organizations and their leadership need to keep up on all of the trends so they can make proactive decisions to keep their organizations relevant.  That’s why the WAV Group created its new WAVinar series.

The WAVinar is designed to provide you and your MLS leadership with crucial updates on what is going in our industry WAV Group will be leveraging all of its experience in research, technology, strategic planning, organizational development and thought leadership to deliver a thought-provoking, yet practical look at the latest industry developments and trends.  The insights will be designed to stimulate conversation at board meetings and provide valuable information to help organizations make more well-informed decisions about technology, policy and legal issues, program changes and service enhancements.

Staying current with crucial industry events and news is important but very difficult.  WAVinars insure that your leadership is informed and up to date.

As an MLS leader, we would like to invite you and your organization to participate in our new WAVinar series.

What is a WAVinar?

A WAVinar is an exclusive online meeting, a webinar hosted by WAV Group partners Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund. The content for WAVinars is specifically purposed for MLS Executives, MLS Executive Staff, and MLS Directors. Meetings are held quarterly via a live discussion. They are also  recorded so that you may share the WAVinar with others in your company, refer back to previous episodes, or catch up on episodes they missed.

The cost for the WAVinars is $1,500 per session per company. You may have as many company executives, staff, or directors attend. Buy an annual subscription for $5000 and save.

Please contact Nicole@wavgroup.com to subscribe.