Man with clock and cashShaping an idea or a strategy takes time. More importantly, it takes a well-structured catalyst that “just makes sense.” WAV Group has had the opportunity to work with some pretty fantastic visionaries on the future of real estate – powerful market makers that rethink things many times to carefully construct strategies for the greater good. The outreach with peers and competitors only drives the momentum and refines the structure. It is impressive and inspired. But these things take time to develop correctly. Upstream and the Broker Public Portal are the outcroppings of this industry-wide thinking. We are blessed to be administrative supporters of the will of these leaders. Passion creates urgency and urgency drives desperation and that causes mistakes and increased risk. Despite pent up energy and demand, there has been ample time for consideration of detail. That’s good news.

For the past couple of years we have worked with franchise organizations, MLSs, large firms, independent firms, Mid-sized firms, small firms, all sizes of associations, state associations, an incredible range of technology companies, portals, and the National Association of Realtors to plant some seeds. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but we have endeavored to keep pace with many of the greatest sprinters in our industry. For the most part, our process has been confidential. I can tell you that the endurance and desire among this group of confederates is nothing short of world championship caliber. They are a fantastic group to serve.

There is no ‘love at first sight’ in any industry. Relationships and strategies take time to develop. After all, industries are the constitution of competition that is programmed to allow some to win at the loss of others. There are only a fixed number of homes sold each year. The winner takes their share from their peers. In these projects, there is mutual agreement that data is like oxygen: How each person uses it will be different, but the purity of the air is requisite to all.

WAV Group founder, Marilyn Wilson writes about “Haters” in her newsletter article this month. I feel her words. There is a tremendous amount of bullying that has happened in our industry as a result of the “potential” progress of industry-wide change. I am amazed that people would make these statements in text messages and emails. Say what you will in conversation, but to publish opposition and personal attacks is ludicrous.

Moreover, I watch in AWE as clueless bloggers and editors make editorial out of rumors and innuendo. They publish ridiculous statements. Don’t trust the uninformed pundits. An industry driven by a Code of Ethics should have better actors.

We are very grateful for our friends in the industry. We find ourselves in a very public place facilitating industry wide strategy on data standards, broker data management, and new paradigms in MLS consumer facing websites. Everyone is uncomfortable with change. It’s painful, but necessary for innovation and progress.

An old adage of success is to fail fast and fail often. I expect that the great initiatives facing our industry will have their lost battles. So too will they have their victories. Pay tribute to those who contribute their efforts to the success of these programs as they brace themselves against refined adversaries. It’s a thankless job more often than not.

Nothing is perfect, and sometimes you need imperfect plans to find better paths. Recognize the mistakes, but do so with the offer of suggestions for improvement. Be kind to the infantry as they struggle in the trenches. Be on the side of those who want to win in the long run. All of us need to focus on progress during this grand inquisition of the value of agents, brokers, franchises, associations of Realtors, and MLSs. Lets fix this thing together.

It may take some of these efforts longer than expected to reach the market. But the outcomes will be better for it. Creating change from within is always more difficult than the impact of changes from outside. That’s okay if you understand it. Its glorious for those who embrace it.