PT-Homepage-Responsive-300x186Recently, Partners Trust launched a new fully mobile responsive site designed to dynamically change for over 250 different screen sizes. Along with the “mobile first” web site, they launched new mobile apps for android and iOS. The design was done by 1000watt Consulting in collaboration with Partners Trust and the proprietary technology is provided by Booj.  Booj (Be Original or Jealous) is the platform that powers The Enterprise Network.

Booj is an interesting technology provider because they deliver a very good and well-supported solution that is exclusive to a single brokerage in a market place. I got to meet the team behind the technology last year when I was invited to take the stage and share my perspective on syndication at their annual conference. Many WAV Group broker clients are on the Booj platform and you can see the full list of brokers using their system here:

1000watt did a great job of focusing the site on sellers first – which was well executed by the development team across the entire consumer facing solution.

Partners Trust’s communication strategy started with an internal rollout that included an all day Tech Summit at The W Hotel in Hollywood for the company and its agents. The campaign then moved to customers, media and then paid media at LA Times, Google, and Facebook to support the launch.

Congratulations to Booj and Partners Trust on a great web site and solid communications strategy.  It’s a great reminder that communications is a key component to any technology launch.  By the way, it is our firm belief that technology always looks better when it is dressed in properties from Beverly Hills, CA.

You can see the new site here:

Check out the apps here: ( iOS) apps/details?id=com.activewebsite.partnerstrust ( Android)


All too often, companies communicating new solutions to agents forget to communicate the new solution to consumers. Be mindful that there is a consumer story in launching a new service even when the application is not a consumer application. Obviously, launching a product or service that will be a new consumer benefit needs to be communicated to consumers. You would be amazed at how often brokers or MLSs will launch a new platform for the consumer benefit and not send out a press release; not market the change or benefits in the local media including radio, TV, and print.
WAV Group communications can help. Our lead consultant, Kevin Hawkins has worked with Associations, MLSs, Brokers, Banks, Industry Networks, and technology firms to build and implement communication programs that work.