WAV Group has been studying broker website effectiveness for more than a decade. One area of interest is global reach. When we look at Google Analytics, we study traffic to understand the level of visibility that brokers are achieving for their websites internationally. Over the past 12 months, Pacific Union International has been living up to their name by expanding their international reach.

Driving International Reach

International reach has largely been a listing tool in real estate. Even in global cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, we see that 85% of buyers come from the immediate region. 10% come from other areas within the United States. Only 5% come from international buyers. Despite the real data, sellers continue to believe the media that buyers come from China and Russia.

For many brokerages, the seller’s demand for international reach is colored in though franchise or network relationships. There is good news for brokerages that are not affiliated with franchises or networks. Over the past year, Pacific Union International has been focused on reaching high net-worth individuals, increasing their reach in the U.K. by 360%, and over 500% in China. Their targeting has resulted in 900% increased traffic in India and a staggering 2190% increase in Brazil. It is a 6 figure investment, but far more effective than the delivery of international buyers from networks or franchises. Pacific Union’s traffic, leads, and transactions have grown enormously with this proactive approach.

Pac Union Chart

Building International Relationships

In addition to international marketing, Pacific Union understands that the true success of any international effort is developing relationships with leading brokerage firms across the globe. The distinction here is that they are not building a list. The relationships that they have built for decades are sincere and personal.  Their commitment to these relationships ensures that Pacific Union clients buying abroad get the same level of service that they get at home. Moreover, Pacific Union delivers concierge service to international clients here in America in return. The countries on this map represent the nations where Pacific Union holds these personal trust relationships with foreign brokerage firms. The Pacific Union executive team travels to many of these locations each year to bond with partners, and welcomes inbound partner visits in the best possible way.

Pacific Union World Map

Communication to Agents and Consumers

Performing at this high level is nothing new for Pacific Union. They operate in the most competitive real estate markets in America. They are the Golden State Warriors of the real estate NBA. What we can learn from their playbook is pretty straightforward:

Develop a goal: Become the #1 international destination for high net-worth consumers searching for real estate in the Bay area and Los Angeles.

Develop a strategy: Partner with the world’s top agencies to target the audience and remain diligent in your efforts to promote a brand with variety of messaging.

Measure results: Pacific Union tracks every goal relentlessly. The executive team, staff, regional leaders, office leaders, and agents get updates on progress.

Communicate: Pacific Union will be communicating this international center of excellence though public relations, advertising, and direct to consumer.

Pacific Union Impressions

WAV Group congratulates Pacific Union International on all of their enormous success.