Broker Public Portal is the #2 MLS Consumer-Facing Website!

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The Broker Public Portal with Homesnap continues to take the industry by storm.  The strategy to pool the listings and resources of MLSs across the country is working! In just over a year after the BPP/Homesnap partnership was announced, there are now 145 MLSs representing 875,000 agents on one marketing platform featuring over 90 million properties, generating thousands of FREE leads every day for agents.  

Broker Public Portal with Homesnap is now the second largest MLS consumer website, according to Hitwise, the nation’s leading source for measuring real estate web traffic across the entire industry.

By creating a nationwide collaboration of MLSs and brokerages and partnering with Homesnap, the Broker Public Portal has helped agents across the country benefit from FREE listing exposure and lead generation generated from Homesnap’s highly rated mobile app and engaging website, Homesnap.com.

Before Broker Public Portal, every broker and each MLS had to go it alone trying to garner attention for and engagement with their sites. Broker Public Portal has created a powerful way for every broker and agent to benefit from a nationwide collaboration that generates interest in their properties effortlessly as an extension of  MLS membership.

Contrast that with the ever-increasing costs of promoting listings on third party search sites. As an example, according to Zillow Group’s Q1 2018 earnings report, the number of agents that are spending $5000 or more per month on their platform increased 58%.  The cost of third party marketing programs are ever-increasing, putting pressure on broker margins and taking a larger percentage of the commission for individual agents.

The number of visitors to Homesnap.com is now second only to HAR.com, the nation’s most-trafficked MLS consumer-facing website.  HAR.com is an incredibly powerful site and is ranked as one of the top 10 property search sites in America, according to Hitwise.   

So why is Broker Public Portal with Homesnap making such a splash?  Every agent in a participating MLS region can invite their entire sphere to join them on Homesnap with one click!  Consumers can communicate with their agents – or with the listing agent – using Homesnap’s in-platform messaging Homesnap was designed to keep agents at the center of the conversation with their prospects and clients, unlike other sites that divert consumers to agents who have paid for placement on your listings.

So how do you know if your MLS is participating with The Broker Public Portal with Homesnap Click HERE to see if your MLS has gone live with the BPP yet.  

If you don’t see your market listed, reach out to your MLS and get them interested in taking a look!  You will be happy that you did when your free leads starting rolling in!

If you would like to learn more about the Broker Public Portal Movement, please contact Gayle Weiswasser at gweiswasser@homesnap.com


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  1. Drew Meyers June 26, 2018 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    “Every agent in a participating MLS region can invite their entire sphere to join them on Homesnap with one click!”

    I’d be careful with this. Back in the day, that was the same pitch Facebook gave to app developers. “Let your users invite all of their friends to your app with one click”. It was great for user growth numbers in the short term, sure, but is the core reason there are so many trust issues with Facebook 10 years later. People got spammed with “app invites” to oblivion, and FB is still trying to win that trust back..

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