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As the year winds down and the holiday spirit lifts us all, WAV Group would like to show our APPreciation to our friends who are kind enough to read our articles and reports. Thanks to the efforts of David Gumpper who manages the WAV Group Technology and IT projects, WAV Group is proud to announce the launch of the WAV Group mobile App.


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Apple iPhone and iPad users


WAV Group built the mobile app to demonstrate a communication strategy that we believe will be vital for Franchises, MLSs, Brokers, and Realtor® Associations in 2020. Real estate agents are bombarded with email communications today, so companies need to get creative to capture an agent’s attention. Nothing is better than an App notification!

WAV Group built the mobile app to operate as an alternative display to our WordPress website. Posts on WAV Group are published dynamically to the mobile app. Alerts are managed on the mobile app. User accounts on the mobile app and the website are the same. For fun, and to demonstrate how the mobile app can be used for billing, we tied in a shopping cart. We put reports in there, but you can put in anything you want. The mobile app becomes your mobile intranet.

Please download the WAV Group mobile app today!

If you want us to build one for you, reach out to Victor Lund or David Gumpper. You will be amazed at how a mobile app can improve your communications reach, drive agent engagement, and improve performance.