Brokerages, Associations, and MLSs each have their own checklists when it comes to the onboarding process real estate agents and staff. Onboarding frequently entails multiple digital signatures on employee or independent contractor agreements, as well as other documents (think i-9 and newly updated W-4 tax forms). Company onboarding also may include registering new users into a variety of third-party software applications.

person pointing at diagram that says "onboarding"According to DocuSign, one of the first touchpoints an agent has with your organization is the onboarding process, which can make or break how that person feels about your company. Research firm Glassdoor shows that a positive onboarding experience improves the new hire retention by 82%, and productivity by 70%, but only found 12% of new folks are satisfied with the onboarding process. DocuSign goes on to say that onboarding is not simply the first step in the journey with you, but a clear indication of how your organization operates and what they might expect in the future.

In addition to automated onboarding, another key feature of DocuSign is the ID verification tool. This tool allows new people to provide social security cards and government-issued IDs securely through DocuSign and reduce the hassle for company staff as they acquire and secure that information. No more manual printing, scanning, and storing paper under lock and key!

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If you need support deploying an automated solution in your company, WAV Group can absolutely help. We have worked with a number of firms to deploy system automation for onboarding agents and removing them as well. This has a major impact on the SaaS user fees that are paid each month for ghost agents. Reach out to David Gumpper at WAV Group for more information about this service. A little automation goes a long way toward reducing costs and improving satisfaction with your company.