A real virtual open house tour image with a home within a computer screen

Last weekend, a brokerage showed its ability to adapt and innovate through difficult times. The Michael Saunders & Company team executed a live Virtual Open House Tour event across its markets in Florida. I spent my Sunday afternoon — while smoking a few racks of ribs — watching how these Agents leveraged Facebook Live to safely promote their listings.

While some live streams were very good and others were just okay, I was impressed on another front. Agents and the company extended themselves outside of their comfort zones. They took a risk to change from the norm to perform their duties, sell their customers home.

I enjoyed the authenticity of these live Virtual Open House videos. They were entertaining and educated at the same time. I could leave one home and view another, ask a few questions, and return to the first home to inquire about that convection stove.

I didn’t even leave my chair to have access to all these homes for sale!

Better yet, I have gone back to each Agents Facebook page to view my favorite homes again.

A cool benefit was were some Agents involved the homeowner in their Virtual Open House event. The homeowner’s stories were full of insight and knowledge about the home and community. Something that a typical Open House would not deliver. How many homeowners stick around during an Open House? Slim to none!

When looking at these videos, it’s essential not to be overly critical of quality or performance. It’s like learning how to ride a bike. This approach is new and will only get better over time. Agents will be able to ride along, delivering smooth and cool Live Virtual Open House Tours. Again, it’s the authenticity that sells this method.


Here is an idea for brokerages. Let’s reimagine weekly caravans of new listings with Facebook Live. Not only will your Agents be able to view new homes on the market, but so will other Agents and potential buyers.

One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein. He said,

“The world, as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Today’s environment has disrupted the norm. Now is the time to change our thinking to change the world.

We have to start somewhere to tackle the future and it might as well start now. As we take this journey to establish a new normal, be the exemplar, try new things, be innovative, and stay courageous.

Stay safe and have fun!

Disclosure: I was CTO for Michael Saunders & Company for over 14 years before starting my consulting career. Michael Saunders & Company is not a client of WAV Group.