At WAV Group we love it when a company has a great tech story. In this genre, there is no plot more inspiring than innovative Realtors developing software that solves the frustration they encounter every day. Agents have a keen eye for spotting opportunities to enhance consumer experience. In most cases, they also have a clear go-to-market strategy for their product: they beta test the app in their own business, and if it saves them time and clients love it, they share with other agents to get their feedback. Word of mouth is powerful marketing. Soon, they have testimonies and use cases to share.every offer logo

David and I were excited to chat with Shauna Drumm and Nancy Moeller, leaders behind the innovative new offer management solution Every Offer and prime examples of this trajectory. They defined a pain point for agents in Southern California—a seller’s market that attracts multiple offers on every listing, and no place to track them other than email. Managing offers and counteroffers are hard for the agent to track and even harder for the seller.

We know that agents are failing because of the volume of complaints fielded by Realtor® Associations and MLSs. The industry needs a solution.

This is what makes Every Offer so special: agents using the tool not only give homeowners a secure portal to view bids, but the software intelligently extracts key metrics such as time in escrow and other contingencies to display to the seller. This saves agents from laboring through the process while preserving their power to edit. It also provides all parties with a transparent view of counter offers and signifies changed regions. We loved talking with Nancy and Shauna in this podcast and know you’ll be as inspired as we are by their story. If you’re interested in learning more about Every Offer, reach out to them by visiting to set up a demo, or contact us directly and we’d be happy to introduce you.

NAR Amendment mentioned: Section 2.3, Right of Cooperating Broker in Presentation of Offer Changes.